Steaming forage with Haygain’s hay steamers is scientifically proven to deliver a wide range of benefits for equine respiratory health. The brand is now its giving customers the chance to try the technology before they buy. All with a small and easy to afford deposit.

Research has shown that 88% of horses tested were suffering from inflammatory airway disease (IAD). And many showed no outward sign of anything being wrong at all. Steaming hay has been proven to reduce the risk of a horse developing an IAD by 65%. And as a result steaming hay is now a critical element of the stable management routine for both professional and amateur riders. As well as trainers, breeders and vets around the world.

This innovative new scheme allows horse owners to try the Haygain Steamer range for themselves before committing to buy. We all know how expensive keeping horses can be. So Haygain have given their customers the chance to see how a hay steamer will fit into their stable management regime. Before committing to purchasing one.

The Haygain steamer range comprises the HG One, a very portable steamer perfect for hay to feed 1 horse or for taking on the road. The HG 600 which is ideal for between 1 and 3 horses. And then the HG 2000 which is designed for steaming entire bales of hay in one go. The design of the Haygain steamers, including a clever patented manifold spike system, ensures that the hay is evenly steamed at consistent temperatures. Those that are high enough to kill harmful mould spores and bacteria. All the steamers have a 60-minute cycle from cold. Meaning it doesn’t take long to ensure hay is transformed from dusty to safely steamed. Then is ready for horses to tuck into.

Try before you buy

All customers need to do is pay a deposit for the steamer. Which includes the delivery and return costs, and then enjoy using the benefits of steamed hay for up to two weeks. The deposit amounts are as follows:

  • For the HG One: £100
  • The HG 600: £150
  • And the HG 2000: £200

Once they decide to buy, all the customer needs to do is pay the remaining balance for the Hay Steamer. Minus the deposit they have already paid. If they decide to return the steamer then they simply repackage the unit. Ensuring it is in the same condition as it was when it was received. Then send it back to Haygain.

Find out more about the Haygain Try Before You Buy scheme and explore the benefits of hay steaming here: