Goode Rider, the collection designed by Levi Jeans designers

Glaze & Gordon, the British-born country and equestrian brand who celebrated their launch at Olympia in December, are delighted to announce that they now stock luxury American equestrian brand Goode Rider and are currently the only UK stockists. Glaze & Gordon was founded to deliver a carefully curated range of high-end equestrian and country products with a focus on offering something different and as a result are the only retailer of a number of USA and European brands that offer style, quality and a unique touch, something Goode Rider exudes.

Goode Rider

Goode Rider was founded in California by two ex-Levi Strauss designers, Lorna Goode and Kristin Calandra, who left the iconic jeans manufacturer to follow their dream of creating elegant, stylish but practical equestrian clothing. Their combined fashion expertise and passion for horses has enabled them to create a clothing collection that looks good and flatters, focuses on innovative fabrics, style and quality, blurring the lines between riding clothing and lifestyle wear, and meaning the wearer looks fabulous if they need to pop to the shops or meet friends after a long day at the yard.

The Goode Rider Equestrian Jean Full Seat Breeches (£155.00) have just the right amount of stretch for comfort in the saddle while delivering a classy and elegant look, with the full suede seat flattering the shape and adding a truly luxurious feel. All Goode Rider Denim breeches are made from a new composition of specially twisted yarns, for super stretch and a soft-as-velvet touch – everything you would expect from designers who learnt their trade at Levi Strauss! It’s not hard to see why these breeches proved so popular at Olympia, causing quite the buzz as they flew off the stand.

Innovation really excels with the Goode Rider Body Sculpting Seamless Tights (£112.00) where their exceptional technology provides anti-cellulite, energising, and body-sculpting properties to flatter all. The Goode Rider Long Sleeve Seamless Compression Shirt (£99.00) is both flattering and innovative, with built-in ventilation on both the front and back for comfort during riding, while the signature flattering lines mean this top looks beautiful and will deliver a beautiful fit. The brand has also succeeded where so many brands fail, in creating a practical but elegant down jacket with the Goode Rider Chill Out Jacket (£179.00), a lightweight but sumptuously warm padded jacket that is carefully cut to ensure it strikes a feminine silhouette, making the wearer feel a million dollars.

Stylish, practical & innovative

The collection doesn’t just look stylish, it also roundly delivers on the promise of practicality, using the latest fabrics and technologies to deliver performance and an eye-catching look. Revolutionary Stain Stopper™ technology means liquids will bead up and drop straight off, keeping the wearer clean, dry and ready for whatever they do after riding.

Glaze and Gordon are delighted to be able to bring Goode Rider to UK consumers, and hope that fashion-conscious riders will find the collection as exciting as they do.

For more information or to shop the Goode Rider collection online, please visit Glaze & Gordon.

About Glaze & Gordon.

Shropshire based Glaze & Gordon has been launched to offer exclusive items to the equestrian and country markets, offering good quality, innovation and style, all at a fair price for the quality. They aim to combine exquisite quality found throughout America with British style, while also highlighting some European brands that fit in with the brand ethos. The brand has a boutique feel about it, showcasing something a little bit different.