Winter has many lovely elements – pubs with roaring fires, winter walks in wellies and Christmas festivities – but it’s hard on the body, especially if your work and hobbies mean you’re outside come rain or shine. In addition cold temperatures can really chill extremities such as noses and ears, leading to sore skin and uncomfortable hours spent outdoors.

Tweed HeadbandsFoxy Equestrian Tweed Headband

Whilst working as a groom, founder Sophie started to make her very own headbands. Perfect for keeping ears and foreheads toasty, which she then sold to fellow outdoorsy types. Fast forward a few years and her Tweed Headbands (£18.00) are hugely popular with FoxyEquestrian fans who love the fun fox fabric and customisable designs. Each is made from the finest wool tweed and also lined with snug Sherpa fleece. For a fabulous and practical way to keep you ears warm whatever the weather. But what about when you have to whip off your toasty headband and pull on the riding hat?  

Riding Hat Ear Warmers

Your ears get rather chilly! Wearing a hat or bandanna underneath a riding hat will affect the way they work if you are in an accident. Meaning an alternative solution is needed. FoxyEquestrian’s Riding Hat Ear Warmers (£15.00 – £20.00 depending on the style) are available in a range of styles such as Foxy fabrics, tweeds, faux leather, or 16 different colours of felt (to match your hat silk or velvet!) all lined with that very same snug Sherpa fleece for the snuggest lugs!

The FoxyEquestrian Riding Hat Ear Warmers secure neatly to the harness of the riding hat. Crucially without affecting the fit or function of it. Furthermore, there aren’t any gaps for cold air to work its way in, so you’ll be safe, warm and snug when riding out this winter.

FoxyEquestrian’s Customisable Options

FoxyEquestrian was founded on the idea that riders should be able to totally customise their outfits. Including hat silks, cross-country colours and base layers. Choosing the colour and decorations that suit them best. The Tweed Headbands and Riding Hat Ear Warmers are no exception! They can be crafted from your favourite tweed. Or matched with your hat silk, depending on your wishes!

Lastly, take a look at the whole range of FoxyEquestrian products here, and prepare for nice warm ears, whatever the weather!