Earlier this year Equihandee unveiled their brand-new and revolutionary riding aid, the Equihandee harness. The company is now proud to launch an updated version of the design which is specifically for riders with sensory needs – the Equihandee Freedom.

The harness is a cleverly-designed riding aid that helps young, wobbly or unstable riders. In order to help them feel safe and confident in the saddle. Whilst allowing them some range of movement to find their own balance and seat.

Freedom and movement incorporated

As the name would suggest, the Equihandee Freedom (£65.00) offers the very same freedom of movement and security in the saddle as the original harness. But now with a soft and comfortable jacket incorporated in the design. Just like the original Equihandee, the Freedom harness incorporates several handles located at the back of the rider. These are within easy reach of the instructor or lead rein helper to assure them that the rider is secure. Without necessitating the constantly holding or sudden grabbing of clothes or the body protector.

Perfect for Winter weather

The addition of the lightly padded jacket underneath the webbing of the harness has been added to make the product comfortable to wear for riders with sensory needs. Who may find the pressure and feeling of the straps irritating or distressing. It can also be used by those who would simply like more comfort and warmth too. Understandable during these chillier months of the year!

The Equihandee Freedom is hand-made in the United Kingdom. It is crafted from strong, durable polyester webbing. Perfect for your peace of mind! They are careful to source only the best quality raw materials. Which are regularly audited to ensure the quality is maintained across their product range.

Lastly, why not browse the full, innovative Equihandee range including the new Freedom harness on their website – this really is the perfect solution to keep young and less physically-able riders safe and happy in the saddle.