Equihandee helping children gain confidence in the saddle while developing their balance and seat – and it gives parents a handle on happy young riders!

The Equihandee harness (£49.99) is a revolutionary new riding aid designed to help instructors and parents keep smaller and wobbly riders safely in the saddle, improving their confidence and increasingly their enjoyment. 

The new Equihandee in use - helping young riders develop their seat and confidence
The new Equihandee in use – helping young riders develop their seat and confidence

Designed and created in the UK by a horsey mum who dreamt up the idea during those nervous days teaching her young daughter to ride, the Equihandee solves an age-old problem for parents of pony-mad children. Controlling a sometimes-enthusiastic pony whilst keeping a child safe and upright in the saddle used to mean grabbing onto the back of the rider’s clothing or holding their thigh, neither of which went down well with the child.

The Equihandee enables the rider to stay safe and stable in the saddle while feeling as though their instructor has ‘let go’ (who remembers the shouts of “let go, I can do it myself!”) helping to build their confidence while also allowing them to find their own balance and seat. This harness also reassures the person leading the pony that they have the child secure and a handle is in reach to hold without interfering with their progress. Equihandee has also helped many disabled children enjoy riding while ensuring they are safe and secure in the saddle. This ingenious tool will quickly become invaluable for both instructor peace of mind and rider safety, as essential for a riding lesson as a body protector or riding helmet. 

The Equihandee harness is crafted from 2.5mm wide polyester webbing and made by a leading UK industrial fall protection harness manufacturer, providing a high-quality product that riders and instructors can truly trust. Equihandee is available in two sizes, small or medium, and yellow or black webbing. To find out more about the size your child needs, there is a useful sizing chart on the Equihandee website: https://equihandee.co.uk/fitting-instructions/

The makers of Equihandee can also create bespoke safety equipment for different sizes and shapes of rider and a range of safety requirements, just drop them a line with your specific needs. Take a look at the Equihandee website to see more images of the harness in action and find out more about how this revolutionary product is changing the way children take their first steps in the saddle forever!