Pegasus Jewellery have well and truly delivered the goods for summer accessorising this year. The brand that combines a real passion for everything horsey with a heritage of British-designed contemporary jewellery bring you a brand new his n’ hers equestrian accessory, a bestseller updated with this year’s must-have colour, and a stunning bracelet to match one of their most-loved necklaces.

Pegasus Jewellery are delighted to unveil the Exclusive Pegasus Strap Leather Bracelet (£39.95), a chunky bracelet crafted from the softest genuine leather stitched with a branded Pegasus Snaffle Bit. A magnetic watch-style fastening eliminates any tricky hooks or clips, and its design flatters both men and women – do you have any horsey couples in need of a gift soon? The Strap Leather Bracelet comes in both black and tan, and means they can keep a reminder of all things equestrian with them, wherever they go. 

Rose gold is the must-have jewellery colour for summer 2018 and it gets a lovely equestrian twist with the elegant Rose Gold Snaffle Bangle (£60.00). This bangle is a subtle and pretty nod to a love for horses, combined with the perfect shade to compliment summer clothes – you’ll be dying for warm weather and to wear short sleeved clothes to really show this piece off…. It also looks wonderful with a tan, so fingers crossed the sun comes out very soon.  Pegasus’ rose gold jewellery has been so popular with customers this year, and there’s no doubt this piece will be a popular addition to the range.

Last, but by no means least, Pegasus have designed a bracelet with the same striking adornments as their extremely popular Triple Stirrup Necklace, which has sold out repeatedly since the launch in 2017. The Beaded Triple Stirrup Bracelet (£55.00) has the same three delicate stirrups on rose gold, gold and silver to represent the past, present and future, strung on a stunning beaded ‘tennis bracelet’ style chain. The range of colours in the Triple Stirrup necklace means it will compliment all other jewellery, regardless of the tone. We predict a real gold rush on this beautiful new bracelet, not least from the happy owners of the matching necklace!

It’s an exciting day when you can finally pack away winter clothes and pull out forgotten summer favourites, so, once you start to dig out those summer clothes (and perhaps add to your wardrobe with a few new pieces here and there…), don’t forget to keep accessorising in mind, and you need look no further than Pegasus Jewellery.

To find out more about the new pieces for Spring/Summer 2018, or any of the extensive Pegasus range, please visit the website