Dr Tracey Cole is delighted to unveil her very first book, The Confident Rider Mindset – how to hack your mind for riding success. Which features a variety of easy to use, proven techniques for both professional and amateur riders alike. In order for them to realise their full potential in the saddle.

Fear often prevents riders fully enjoying their time in the saddle. Or limits the results that a partnership can achieve when they compete. The techniques in the Confident Rider Mindset unlock the true potential of a person’s riding ability. And help to free them from the ‘what ifs’ which can be so limiting and destructive.

Dr Tracey Cole is a former research scientist, university lecturer and teacher. She now works as a trainer and master coach of NLP, NLP Coaching, Create your Future® and Hypnosis. Once herself a nervous equestrian competitor. Her own approach and results were totally transformed by NLP techniques. Dr Cole is now a passionate coach and trainer. She helps equestrians to use their minds for greater confidence and performance enhancement.

The Confident Rider Mindset comprises 9 chapters. All of which have been carefully devised to deliver key tools and techniques to the reader in a cumulative manner. To first open their mind and then change their way of thinking.

Furthermore, each exercise prepares the mind and paves the way for the next stage of development. In addition, there’s a whole chapter dedicated to techniques that can be applied in the saddle and ‘live tested’. The ideas are fully tried and tested, thanks to Dr Cole’s years of experience. Those working with riders at all levels and with a wide range of aims.

The book you need to free your mind

The book is fully interactive, including visualisation and written tasks. Which aid the reader in understanding their own mind and how it works. Every chapter includes a reflect, rest and relax section at the end. And a summary to help the key ideas from the section truly sink in. As well as space for the reader to note down what they’ve learnt and how they will apply it. Just like learning any new skill or exercise, learning to work with the unconscious mind can be tiring and taking time to absorb and reflect is crucial to success.

Finally, find full details and a synopsis of The Confident Rider Mindset are available to view on Amazon, where the book can be purchased now.