Horseshoe Hearts have built a successful business all centred around turning the humble horseshoe into something meaningful and beautiful. A farrier and artist team based in beautiful rural Hertfordshire, Horseshoe Hearts craft gifts and homewares from used horseshoes, ensuring the luck that is struck into the shoe with every step the horse takes will be captured forever in something beautiful and unique.

The Linked Horseshoe Hearts with Jute Rope (£45.00) is a simple design comprising two horseshoes forged into elegant heart shapes and linked together forever. The piece includes a shabby-chic jute rope to enable it to be hung inside or out of your home (though you will need to pay extra care and attention to it if it will stay outside all year-round). The idea of two hearts linked in a lucky partnership for eternity make this the perfect gift for engagements and weddings and as a present on a special anniversary. In ancient Greek and Roman civilisations brides were given a horseshoe to protect them from evil and boost fertility, and it has long been symbolic of love and luck.  If you’re already married, single or just not expecting a romantic gift anytime soon (sadly, normal life doesn’t bring gifts a-plenty to most of us!) this piece from Horseshoe Hearts is undeniably beautiful and will be a stylish, equestrian-themed addition to any country home.

If you would like to make an extra-special version of the Linked Horseshoe Hearts piece, you can commission it to be crafted from a pair of your own horse’s shoes, or the arrange for used shoes from your loved one’s horse to be used (or, one of each!). The resulting piece will be a long lasting and beautiful keepsake to help you remember a special horse forever, or to celebrate a special partnership.

Horseshoe Hearts have a created a wide range of gift, homeware and yard products all crafted from used horseshoes and you can take a look at the range, which is being added to all the time, and find out more about the brand on their website. Buy the Linked Horseshoe Hearts with Jute Rope and then browse everything  from Horseshoe Hearts else here.