Anvil Cottage Crafts is a bustling, creative metal workshop and forge. The company is based on the banks of the River Ouse in the tranquil Cambridgeshire fens. The team there, headed up by Stuart Palmer, design and create bespoke metalwork with an equestrian twist. All of their gifts are crafted from horseshoes. Their proximity to the hub of English flat racing in Newmarket means that they have a plentiful supply to work with. Above all, they create some really wonderful pieces with them.

Anvil Cottage Craft’s pieces are just perfect for those looking for something totally unique. Or indeed something personalised with a little bit of equestrian flair. Perhaps you are on the hunt for a memorable gift. Here are some of the highlights from the Anvil Cottage Crafts collection. Even if that’s you, and you’re just treating yourself!

Horseshoe Words and Names (from £25.50 – £59.50)

With Anvil Cottage Crafts you can have a meaningful word, place or loved one’s name crafted from cleaned, reworked horseshoes. Great for a unique and long-lasting house name. Or a stable plaque or indeed just a fun sign for your home or garden. Choose from 3,4,5,6 or 7-letter words or names (from £25.50 – £59.50).

Firstly, shop the Horseshoe words and names here.

Lucky Horseshoe Numbers (£20.00)

Perfect for a special birthday, a bespoke anniversary present or to upgrade a house number. This lovely piece is a number of your choice encased in a horseshoe. In addition, the number is forged from real farriery nails for an authentic touch!

Shop the Lucky Horseshoe number here.

Single Horseshoe Letter or Number (£8.50)

If your budget is a little tighter you can still have a beautiful horseshoe number to help people find your home. Or recognise a significant date. Each item will be cleaned, media blasted and buffed. To ensure a smooth finish then lacquered to protect it from rust. Anvil Cottage Crafts can also create single letters, a lovely way to mark your horse’s stable door or a child’s bedroom.

Finally, shop the Single Horseshoe letter or number here.