An Introduction

Black Nova Designs is a professional, affordable delightful I.T. company.
They specialise in helping business owners bring their vision and brand to life with an exceptional online presence.
They also provide advice, support and customer service to be really proud of. All of their clients are put first and treated as part of their family.
Black Nova Designs consists of Kyle and Danielle Holmes. Kyle is a highly skilled professional with a number of years of experience in the IT industry. Danielle has a strong knowledge of SEO, customer service, business branding and marketing. She is also AAT Accounting qualified. Their range of skills and knowledge base ensures that they are the industry leaders when it comes to all things tech!

The Team

Getting to know the team will allow you to get into the mind of the designers and developers. Then, as a team, they can develop the ultimate package for your individual and business requirements.

They take time to learn your business, your goals and identify your target audience. It is their passion to build a reputable and highly recommended service to all customers.

Black Nova Designs offers you the best services money can buy for the lowest price. They truly understand that every client is unique, every situation is different. Over priced packages are unheard of; each package is customised to your individual needs.

The Experience

Kyle has had a keen interested in all things digital from a very young age. At the age of 14 he set up an ‘open support’ team to help people experiencing computer problems. The aim was to be able to call for upfront and understandable advice.
He came up with the idea after spotting an advertisement for a computer hotline in a magazine, which charged users £1.50 a minute for advice. At that moment Kyle realised the world is missing something, technology is not for everyone.
Nowadays everyone uses it, but not everyone knows how. This desire to help has continued through to the current day. Some 15 years later, the Holmes’ continue to offer free, impartial advice to those having technical issues. Their support goes beyond website guidance as they aim to help with SEO, computer issues as well as email and web hosting enquiries.

With Black Nova Designs you are working with a personal team, who believe in giving all of your requirements a personal touch. To us technology is like a fine art, nobody loves it more than we do.