Just Jodz

Picture most of the horse lovers you know and there’s probably a common link between them – they spend most of their disposable income on their four-hooved friends or buying the necessary kit for themselves. Clearly, they wouldn’t change it for the world but that doesn’t mean that their ears don’t prick up if the words ‘quality’, ‘affordable’ and ‘fashionable’ appear in the same sentence about riding wear.


Just Jodz was founded by Lia, an ex-high goal polo, endurance and showing groom who knows that life at the sharp end of equestrianism means a constant search for hardwearing riding clothing that will cope with the demands of long hours of riding and yard work day in, day out but that is also fashionable and fun to wear. With Just Jodz, Lia has successfully created a collection of jodhpurs, breeches and riding leggings crafted from high-quality materials that are comfortable, and they come in a full range of gorgeous colours that are updated every season.

Along with the main range, there are also thermal fleece underbreeches that sit snugly underneath your jodhpurs or breeches to keep you warm and comfortable when the temperatures drop and breeches with silicone knee grips to ensure fantastic grip in the saddle. Everything is incredibly affordable, and the breeches and jodhpurs are available in UK sizes 6 – 22 so there really is no excuse not to look good in the saddle! It’s no surprise that Just Jodz were nominated for a Business Excellence Award for most stylish equestrian brand in 2018 – we’re predicting great things from this brand.


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