Glaze & Gordon

Like a lot of great new businesses, Glaze and Gordon came from not being able to find what you want and so creating it yourself. Sisters Becs and Kate Glaze noticed that they were spending a lot of time searching various online stores to find what they desired, spent too much on postage and at shows found that a lot of stands simply sold the same thing. So, they decided to form Glaze and Gordon to provide “high quality, smart items at a fair price, packaged up with top-notch service”. Sounds good to me.

Becs and Kate grew up in the countryside; spending time on the family farm, helping feed the lambs, going beating for the shoot and horses have always been a major part of their lives.

Glaze and Gordon celebrated their official launch at Olympia, the London International Horse Show in December 2017.


And what makes their approach so exciting is that Becs moved to New York with her husband (Mr Gordon) 7 years ago before returning to Britain. She found that the range and quality of products in America was very different to the UK, with technological fabrics and variety of designs giving a fresh choice. She will be bringing some of these brands to G&G while also showcasing European and British Boutique brands to create an irresistible amalgamation of equestrian and country items.

It will be very much a family affair – Kate will provide the marketing support and their parents will be helping with business start-up, packaging and organising materials. Plus Bramble and Buster (two canine companions) and Zag and Gordon (two equines) are sure to be getting involved with any modelling opportunities.

With their opening collection being handpicked from the best of the best the USA has to offer plus lesser known, European and British boutique brands, one can’t help but be excited to see what they have to show us. Something new and rousing for sure. The initial collection is split across 6 key categories – Women, Men, Horse, Accessories, Dog Accessories and Home.

There will be rider and casual wear for women whilst launching a skeleton accessories and outerwear range for men this year with plans to expand this in 2018. There will be G&G bridles and breastplates, stirrup leathers and stirrups, numnahs including a sheepskin range, grooming including beautiful wooden and leather brushes sourced from Germany, head collars and lead ropes as well as boots. Other accessories available will include G&G leather and canvas travel bags handmade in Argentina by a family of artisans, many belts, watches and scarves too. Collars and leads dogs can be found, as well as an expansive home collection including gorgeous waterproof backed picnic rugs, tweed cushions and throws, woolly scarves and luxurious wool throws.

Newly released products will be shown across their social platforms and available to purchase from their stunning website.

Introducing exciting new brands to the UK with the ethos of excellent craftsmanship, quality and customer service at a fair price, with a good pinch of family working together, Glaze and Gordon are set to turn some heads and be an exciting addition to the UK equestrian and countryside business set.




View and shop their stunning debut collection now.

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