One of the wonderful things about owning or working with horses in this day and age is the constant innovation which is taking place to help ensure their lives are as long and healthy as possible. There are companies working tirelessly to develop and bring to market products that mean we can ride and compete with our beloved horses, safe in the knowledge they are comfortable and happy.

Equidiet was founded in 2014 by Sandra Murphy, BSc (Hons) Equine Sports Science, to design a range of cutting-edge feed Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapy products which take advantage of a useful equine behavioural quirk to help rehydrate horses in any environment. Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapy is a recent area of focus for equine nutritionists based on evidence that showing that a horse’s response to stress leads them to drink less or stop drinking altogether, putting them at risk of dehydration.


Equidiet’s EquidGel is a complete, fibre-based liquid feed which is highly palatable to appeal to a horse’s instinct to forage, even when experiencing a new or stressful environment. Yes, when stressed a horse might not drink, but it’s still going to eat. EquidGel is the only feed of its kind, holding an enormous amount of water within a nutritionally-balanced feedstuff meaning that when the horse eats, it is being rehydrated at the same time. Equidiet have also developed LamiGel, which has a lower sugar content for horses prone to laminitis, and a range of complimentary alfalfa and grass feedstuffs to make the EquidGel a ‘chewy’ feed or replace forage for horses on box rest.

Explore the complete Equidiet range and find out more about the science behind this revolutionary product that will change the way you think about feeding your horse here.

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