Having invested over £20,000 in coaches since October 2018, Tara truly understands the powers of a good one. As a result, Tara offers highly effective business coaching delivered with a beaming smile and bucket loads of positivity. If you’ve been looking for a coach who will motivate you, give you unrivalled insight into how to deploy marketing and PR and who will truly care about seeing you succeed, you’ve come to the right place. A solid background in helping equestrian and rural businesses grow as well as being an out and out people person makes Tara an in-demand coach who will totally transform your professional outlook.

So if you are constantly feeling:
⭐ Overwhelmed?
⭐ Like social media isn’t working for you?
⭐ Unsure on how to market your business?
⭐ Like the only business owner not getting results?
⭐ Like you don’t understand how PR can support you?
⭐ You’ve watched so many free trainings and listened to so many podcasts, with no real results?
⭐ Completely stuck?

If you are ready to:
⭐ Grow the business of your dreams
⭐ Set and smash your goals
⭐ Have the right mindset for success
⭐ Know that you can have the biz you desire
⭐ Crush your social presence
⭐ Feel like you have an epic marketing plan

Then Tara's courses are perfect for you!

Whether one to one bespoke mentorship, group coaching or an in person event such as a retreat or VIP day, let Tara and her team guide you to success.

Bespoke Private Mentorship

A 12-week bespoke coaching programme with oodles of in-depth coaching and one-to-one support on everything from content creation, SEO and PR to pricing, mindset and goals! This coaching programme is the gateway to fulfilling your business potential and finally making the sales you deserve. A weekly 60-minute session with Tara as well as unlimited email, WhatsApp and voice message support will help you create a plan and stick to it – there’s nothing like accountability to keep you on track! You will also have free lifetime access to a super-secret Facebook group where you’ll be treated to complimentary training from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. The investment in this bespoke 16-week coaching package is just £2,497 including VAT!

Superstar Success Group Coaching

A 12-week group coaching programme where you’ll not only benefit from weekly hour-long one-to-one sessions with Tara, you’ll also have the support of a group of likeminded and dedicated business owners. The Superstar Success group will allow you to share your achievements, brainstorm new ideas and enjoy valuable input from carefully selected guest experts whilst benefiting from a range of free support tools. The Superstar Success programme covers mindset, goal setting, PR, social media and digital marketing hacks to help you grow your brand, credibility and income. The investment in this 12-week coaching programme is just £1,500 which can even be broken down into three easy payments to help with your cash flow. Just drop us a line to discuss.

Superstar Support Coaching

This bespoke, private mentorship gives you 12 months of support and accountability. We cover everything mindset, PR and Marketing in each monthly 90 minute session PLUS you get access to guest experts, downloadable PDFs and unlimited email support. Each session you’re encouraged to bring your questions and celebrate your wins and stretches. The perfect package to give you the support and strategy that you need to succeed.

Guest Experts

Each month both group and one to one coaching clients are treated to bonus complimentary guest experts. Mindset supremos, law of attraction experts and marketing whizzes take to the virtual stage and share their wisdom.

Founder of the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club and 10x award winner


Law of attraction expert, mindset coach and motivational speaker


A phenomenal money mindset wizard


Helping business owners with their confidence and brilliance



Since Tara started coaching in 2016, she has helped business owners of all sizes across UK and the USA with their mindset, presence, marketing activity and sales. See for yourself...

Superstar Success

12 week group coaching programme, next enrolment 11th February 2020


Private mentorship

12 weeks of one to one coaching tailored to you and your business needs


Superstar Support

12 months of support and accountablity to help you grow and scale your business