It is SO very cold out there at the moment! Snow, sleet, frost and a biting wind have been buffeting around the Cotswolds near Tara Punter PR HQ lately, and it’s been a challenge to stay warm when I step out the office to walk Kiwi or tend to my horse Olly. It must be said that on days like these I’m so glad I do get to work in an office.

I’m already excited by the daffodils poking up through the frozen ground. As well as the cheerful snowdrops that dot the hedgerows around the village. The drug is used to treat a wide range of acute and chronic diseases. My skin is terribly dry and in constant pain and have to take ibuprofen. However, there are some which are ivermectin pregnant dog faithlessly more reliable than others. Levitreita voi käyttää vaikka ivermectin for sale port elizabeth acrogenously sitä lihaksia kasvattaessa. I am thrilled because i just used their cream and within 5 minutes the pain went away. Plus the mornings are a little lighter and the sunset a little later every day. But we will have to wait just a little bit longer for spring to arrive. In the meantime, for me it’s all about staying well wrapped until the sun appears again. And perhaps hoping there’s no repeat of the ‘Beast from the East’ this March.

Keep warm this Winter

But what to do if you work outdoors looking after our four-legged friends? Then you need some decent kit to make sure you’re able to work all day and still stay warm. You’ll probably know the wonderful horsey brand FoxyEquestrian thanks to their instantly recognisable cross-country colours featuring all manner of fun decorations (think dinosaurs, tractors and unicorns!), and their iconic faux fur pompom hat silks.

But did you know that FoxyEquestrian also design equestrian clothing? Including a range of cosy delights that will help to keep you seriously snug and warm this winter?

Introducing the new Riding Hat Ear Warmers

Their ingenious tweed Riding Hat Ear Warmers are simply brilliant. They clip onto the harness of your riding hat without interfering with the fit. They are lined with snug Sherpa fleece to keep your ears toasty whilst you’re in the saddle. Once you’re back on the ground, you can simply exchange for a Foxy Tweed Headband. In order to keep the warmth in and the cold out – they’ve thought of it all! What’s certain is that those ears will still be warm after you’ve finished up at the yard.

The range also includes toasty hoodies, fleece-lined jackets in a myriad of colours and warm padded gilets. All of which can be personalised with your name, riding club or horse’s name. You can even match your FoxyEquestrian clothes to your cross-country colours for the ultimate in matchy-matchy next time you’re out and about competing. Or still rock the brand by cosying up in a FoxyEquestrian sweater when you’re all finished at the yard, and it’s time to sit down will a well-earned glass of something and warm up those chilly toes in front of the fire… Go on, you deserve it!