Social media is GREAT. There is no doubt about that. But there’s also no doubt that it should NEVER be your sole form of marketing. Black Nova Designs give an insight into this and how a website can support this activity.

Social Media – are you entirely reliant on it?

Do you remember the outage a few weeks ago when Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook had a glitch? Did you panic or enjoy time with your family?

How about when Instagram started to delete fake account and followers, did your following all of a sudden go down?

Does any of it matter? Well the answer is yes, but not as much as you might think.

Of course, we are biased. We think if you are a blogger, a business or someone that needs an online presence that you should have a website that you own and have full control over.

Facebook made the announcement a while ago it will limit how many promotional posts people see on business pages. In the last year, many have felt the impact of these changes in many ways, the biggest being their ability to reach their audience.

For small business owners, this is not good news. The biggest problem is that paying for social media ads doesn’t always translate into income. There has also been some convincing evidence questioning the effectiveness of these ads. This doesn’t mean we should abandon social media, but we have to be smart about where we spend our time and money.

Smart entrepreneurs and bloggers can weather this storm by not making social media their main marketing strategy. Here are few reasons why.

The platforms aren’t yours – You have NO control on these social platforms

When you build a large social media following, you have to realize that those people are their customers, not yours. They may be following you, but that social media platform has complete control of what they see and do. Building your business on someone else’s platform has led to the downfall of many.

Social should be a lead generator with the ultimate goal of getting those leads to visit your website, and sign up for your email list. Email marketing is still the most effective way to close the sale. After all, 100 percent of people on your email list will receive your emails, without you paying to reach them.

When you can get those leads off of social media, and onto your website, they have the chance to see everything you offer. This gives you the best chance to make multiple sales, and create life-long customers. If used wisely, social media can be a powerful business tool but your website should be your foundation, not social media.

A diverse strategy ensures success – Your Website is the “Hub” of Your Online Presence – Social Media is a Marketing Tool

A diverse marketing strategy is the best marketing strategy. When SEO started to change, savvy entrepreneurs pivoted because they weren’t too dependent on any one strategy. These same entrepreneurs will also weather the changes on social media and whatever is the next “big thing.” 

Putting all your eggs in one basket is recipe for disaster. Social media marketing should be one part of a unique, and diverse marketing strategy. If that part of the strategy starts to decrease, you pivot instead of feeling the effects financially. Successful entrepreneurs are trendsetters, not followers of what used to work.

These social media changes, and the ones to come, will affect your business one way or another. You have the power to decide how your business will be affected.

Examine your strategy

Take some time this week to examine your strategy, make your marketing efforts as diverse as possible, and focus on innovation. There are over 2.5 billion people online every day, and multiple ways to reach them.

Social media shouldn’t be the only tool in your toolbox.

If you have your own website, and it’s the “hub” of your business, then you have 100% control of your situation.

For help on getting your website more traffic see this blog –

At the end of the day, it’s much smarter to invest in something you own than to build on land that doesn’t belong to you.

Someday the rules are going to change and it could have a major impact on your business, if you aren’t in control. This is why we highly recommend to our client’s that they invest in a website that they own and then use social media – and it’s many benefits – to reach new audiences and grow their business.