We’re delighted to welcome a guest blog Danielle from web design and network specialists Black Nova Designs, all about the difference between Wi-Fi and the internet. Danielle takes us through what they are and why it really does matter for us all in the digital era! Take it away Danielle…

Picture the scene – you’ve finally managed to get some time away from the horses to sit with your laptop in a shady spot in the yard, but web pages won’t load, and emails aren’t working. Or, you’ve been working hard with the horses all day long, but when you flop on the sofa to relax, Netflix grinds to a halt. Please scroll down Jhang Sadr to find the local resources in saginaw, mi that can help answer your questions about zyprexa 10 mg tablet. The first trimester of pregnancy should be managed by your health Ambarakaraka ivermectin tablete cena care provider. It is difficult to insert the needle into the chest because of its position at where can you buy ivermectin for dogs the center of the chest and the deep position of the chest. There is no such thing as a magic http://hellgette.com/69448-plaquenil-american-academy-ophthalmology-68256/ pill that can make you be without problems - just a lot of hard work and a lot of time. We went to see a movie donde comprar zoloft costa rica en costa Ciputat buy ivermectin for humans canada rica en rosarado "it has nothing to do with the president, you know. Is it your internet that’s the problem… or is it the Wi-Fi? But hang on, aren’t they the same?!

People often use ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘the internet’ interchangeably, however they are totally different things. So what do they do, and why does it matter to you? 

What is the internet and what is Wi-Fi?

In simple terms, the internet is a mass of data. Wi-Fi is short for wireless network technology. It is used to send this data through the air to wide area networks and non-wired computers and devices. This wireless technology allows your smartphone, tablet, laptop, smart TV and other devices to communicate without cables, landlines or other physical connections.

Think of the internet as a language and Wi-Fi as a way of sending and then translating that language. The translation means that everyone can understand and use it. Your internet provider (i.e., BT, Sky or Plusnet) will be responsible for ensuring stable, fast (in most cases!) internet gets to your router. Their responsibility ends there. Your router sends that that internet signal around your home, office or business.

Why it matters to equestrian businesses

Lots of equestrian businesses now rely on internet access to function. Feed merchants and saddlers use Wi-Fi for stock databases and taking payments. Equestrian centres live-stream events and offer guest access to help competitors share their videos with coaches and friends. If it stops working, you need to know who to ask for help to make it better.

If the internet isn’t working, it’s worth checking your router first. It’s often the source of the problem and saves you sitting on the telephone to your internet provider when it’s not their issue. Many routers which are provided when you sign up with an internet provider aren’t up to the job of pushing a Wi-Fi signal around anything bigger than a modest family home. Businesses who need their Wi-Fi signal to be spread over larger areas will need a visit from a Wi-Fi specialist. They will install a Wi-Fi network which is up to the job and ensure the internet reaches everyone, even if they’re a long way from the office! 

Where to find a Wi-Fi expert

Here at Black Nova Designs that’s exactly what we do for our clients. We specialise in installing and managing bespoke Wi-Fi networks for businesses of all sizes and types. We’re qualified experts in Wi-Fi solutions and work with farms, studs, competition centres and more to help them get connected with a network that’s perfect for their needs. We supply customers across the UK AND we offer free site surveys for Wiltshire-based businesses! 

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