Over the past 12 months, I’ve secured some of the best coverage for my clients in leading equestrian publications. While I’m regularly securing new clients who’s PR I handle, it came to my attention that actually not everybody wants to outsource this area of their business. Which is absolutely fine! No-one can tell your story better than you. So this realisation led to some planning….

I love planning. My 7ft kitchen farmhouse table proves extremely beneficial at this time, as the sharpies and drawing pads come out to play! I wanted to explore further ways in which I could help equestrian business owners, those who want to continue to manage their own PR.

The result?

My 8 week coaching programme.

But why launch in October to launch my coaching programme? Well, it’s the month, in 2016, that I officially launched TPPR. I had been working as a freelance PR and Journalist since June 2015, but this was the time I shared my branding, my logo, my business name and my website with the world. It was terrifying! Last year I ran a great competition to mark the official 1 year birthday but this year I thought I’d offer something with even more value.

So I launched my online course and invited 8 business owners to a massive 50% discount. Amazingly, I sold 3 spaces overnight so now just 5 remain on this early bird price.

I also feel October and November are two of the best times to get your head around PR and Marketing. If you wait until January to enrol, realistically by the time we get started it will be the middle-end of January. By the time you complete, it’s somehow mid-March! You want to get your strategy nailed by the end of 2018 so January 2nd comes around and you can kickstart the year as you mean to go on! Let’s also not forget Valentines Day and Mothers Day. For those of you with businesses that do well with these celebrations, you need to get ahead and get planning now! Big monthly magazines are working 3 months ahead so there really is no time like the present…

You can never plan too early with your PR campaign.

Clients of mine have benefitted from 20 pieces of coverage in a month, an annual reach from press releases of nearly 4 million and I get coverage in the 3 biggest equine magazines, along with a plethora of others. So naturally, I’ve never felt more ready to give something back and help this industry I adore so much.

If you’d love to get your head around PR and Marketing and end 2018 on a high (and prepare to have your best year EVER) then please do fill in this form and take that exciting first step to success. The investment is £1,495 – but the early bird enables you to have this course for just £750! That’s an opportunity that doesn’t come around too often!

The programme is an online 8 week course with 4 modules. The sessions are 1-2-1 so the benefits really are worth every penny of investment. There is a course guide but being a personalised, bespoke course, you have free reign over what we cover! I’ll commit to always offering the support and guidance you need. So, even upon completion, I’m still here to help and guide you on this wonderful entrepreneurial journey.

As ever, please do drop me a message if you have any questions about my coaching programme or anything else –> tara@tarapunterpr.co.uk.

Much love, Tx.