There are countless factors that play a part in search engine results. Keeping your website at the top of search results is a constant and never-ending battle, but with a little time and effort each month you can easily stay ahead of the game.

The vast majority of people don’t click past the first page of search results.

According to studies the top listing in Googles organic search results receives 30 percent of the traffic.

I spoke with the search engine optimisation (SEO) experts at Black Nova Designs to find out some of the reasons behind the rankings.


If your particular website caters for a common product or service then you and the competition will be constantly fighting for a slot on the first page. Or even the holy grail of ‘TOP SPOT’.

SEO is an excellent tool for making sure that your website is responsive when your key words are entered into a search engine. There are also great website plug ins. Such as Yoast SEO that can help you improve your SEO without paying for it. There’s other top tips here)

Make sure you are targeting a less competitive keyword market. So that you can gain the attention of your target audience.


There is a direct link between longer content and higher rankings. So if you have basic links and not much information, you will find that your website will appear behind other websites with more content. The saying ‘content is king’ really plays true here! SEO experts Black Nova Designs advising on Google search engine rankings 

An easy way to get ahead of this is to add a blog page into your website. Blogs can be an amazing tool to boost traffic to your page, so if you can add a few paragraphs (news, information, tutorials etc) these will automatically get you a higher result in the rankings.

Regularly adding unique and relevant content to a blog on your website will give you the best chance of attracting search traffic.

Think of what your website/business is all about and anything you think your target audience would be interested in. 

Content marketing

Once you have sorted out a nice long blog with at least 500 words, with lots of relevant and interesting content its time to feed it to all those hungry followers.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and your mailing list are all fantastic ways to get that traffic to your website. So every time you add a blog, copy and paste the link to it into all your social media and then sit back and watch the flow of traffic come to your website.

It really is that simple. Honestly.


These are little nuggets of text that describe the content of a page.  They don’t appear on the page itself, only in the pages backend code.

Googles search engine ‘bots’ will scan your website and will pick them up. You should add no less than 10 meta-tags, but ensure there are no more than 20 to get the best results. 

Your web designer or SEO manager can assist with adding these meta-tags to your website. In case you feel these are not something you can achieve.


One of the most common reasons is that Google hasn’t indexed your website yet. This is because as soon as someone has a website built, and it goes live….. the owner wants to see it. 

It’s a great feeling, especially as a new business owner, to type something into Google and see your business appear.

Unfortunately, it can take up to a week for Google to update search results. This is simply because your website is news and has no inbound links yet.

As there are so many URL’s submitted to Google it can take a long time for it to appear in the index. But once the new website is created it will take a week or two before you see yours appear in a search result.

The more active your website the quicker and higher it will rank – so get sharing and telling people about it!

If you need any assistance with SEO, or even if you are thinking of having a website built just get in touch with Black Nova Designs and we can help.