A little story about how a chocolate delivery from Hooves & Love can make everything feel better!

Anyone who follows me closely on social media knows how much I believe in the power of mindset and positivity. I’ve even set out five ways that business owners can use mindset, with a good strategy and a dash of determination of course, to thrive in these uncertain times. You can read more about that here. However, I am also a realist, and know that we are all only human. Absolutely no one is infallible, even if their social media paints the picture that they are actually superwoman.  

Perhaps you’re having a particularly tough week, when it feels a little as though the world is stacked against you? Or you’ve been working on your positivity and mindset but still seem to get knocked back at every turn! Well here’s my advice. Firstly, it’s so important to keep up the good work you’ve been doing with your positivity and mindset. It does make a difference and will help you keep perspective in tough times. Secondly, the saying that “tough people last, tough times don’t” is so true! Believe in yourself to get through it all and you’ll be flying before you know it.

And thirdly, be kind to yourself. Prevention is way better than cure for burnout, so make sure you have some rules in place to stop you overworking and zapping energy and creativity! 

Here are some of our self-care rules here at TPPR (which when ignored by one member of the team leads to brain meltdown and writer’s block – who knew?!). Hopefully, they will help you stay positive and productive this autumn: 

Start the day right

Don’t look at emails and social media first thing in the morning and don’t just endlessly scroll the news! Start every day as you mean to go on – with focus and positivity. 

Take regular breaks

If you’re working for yourself or from home, make sure you still take breaks and get up and move – even just marching round the house putting clean washing away or collecting glasses and mugs (how do they get everywhere?!) will get the blood flowing and give your brain a break. 

Set work boundaries

Stop in the evening and try not to work weekends. Yes, we all do this when the pressure is really on. But make it a habit, and you’re going to start down the pathway to burnout. Weekends are for things which mentally fill your cup, and that’s different for us all. It could be shopping, riding, reading, meeting friends or working out! 

Feed your body and your brain

Coffee is amazing and I couldn’t get through a morning without it. But I also drink plenty of water and am making a real effort to eat well. You get out what you put in (but you are allowed treats too!).

Learn to say no when you’re already busy

Don’t panic about losing work or letting someone down – you’re already busy, which is a clear sign you’re doing things right! It can feel strange when you are self-employed to say ‘no’ to work, but there has to be a limit.

Recognise overwhelm

And every now and then, when you feel overwhelmed? Just do something that makes you happy. Want to hide and watch a movie… and then another movie? Fancy finishing work at 3pm to get your nails done? Fancy eating half the chocolate bar in one go. Do it! 

Eat the chocolate…

I had a day exactly like this recently and it coincided with a surprise delivery from the lovely Emma at Hooves & Love. Emma’s luxury equestrian-inspired gift boxes are just gorgeous – and now there’s chocolate too! The ‘Create Your Own’ gift boxes were introduced last summer and allow customers to choose the perfect combination of items for their friend or loved one. Now, they can add a gorgeous slab of chocolate to their gift! The Hooves & Love chocolate is so delicious (I can testify, having curled up on the sofa with a coffee and eaten a LOT in one go!), and is made from sustainably sourced cocoa from the Ivory Coast. It’s handmade in Cornwall and is available in dark or milk. Perfect for those days when overwhelm starts to creep in… 

Take a closer look at the Create Your Own gift box from Hooves & Love here. There are also lots of ready-made gift boxes and some perfect Christmas presents and stocking fillers too! Is it time to start Christmas shopping yet? We’ll have another chuck of Hooves & Love chocolate while we decide…