Many business owners don’t actually know what PR is and many more confuse it with advertising. It’s even more staggering that its availability seems to be misconstrued for those in the tech and fashion industries in London.

PR is a whole lot more affordable, with easier to monitor results, than you might think. So, what’s holding you back from making that investment in your business? 


The initial cost should be viewed as an investment in the success of your business. Unlike many PR’s I’ve always been very open about my costs (you can see those here), prices of packages and the value you get from those packages. A simple press release is just £199 – this is for all research, writing, any edits and the distribution of the finished document with imagery to my extensive contacts list. That list has taken 3 years to compile – but, I now have a good working relationship with the very best equestrian and country publications.

Don’t know if PR works?

Our testimonials certainly highlight that one! Clients have gone on to have their own columns in magazines, sell out of their products and be featured in product showcases thanks to our press releases. Advertising certainly seems to be losing its hold when it comes to product promotion. Make sure the PR you choose actually gets results – we have clients in the leading magazines every month, as well as front page coverage where it really matters.

Don’t know how PR works?

It’s a super simple process!

  1. Our initial conversation – what do you want to promote? Product, new business launch, service.
  2. We create one killer press release and send you a draft. You reply stating how awesome it is and send over some images.
  3. Once you’re happy we send it out.

It’s that simple. We do all of the hard work and continue to manage the press release (so if it’s picked up by a journalist or editor in 6 months time we’ll still handle it and get you the coverage you desire.) Some magazines will take a snippet from the press release to create their own news story, some will publish the entire piece.

What’s the return on investment?

If you’re on a monthly package, you may qualify for a monthly report. This compiles all print and digital coverage, giving a total readership (which for some clients sits at 350,000 – 500,000 every month! If that’s not a good ROI I don’t know what is!) I share every press release I send on my own website and share extensively on social media to my monthly reach of at least 250,000.

“We sold out of product and ended up with a monthly advice feature in a magazine thanks to a press release Tara did for us.”

Additional benefits

In addition to the press release writing service, we also put your products forward for certain features. For example, every month magazine’s have ‘Buyer’s Guides’, ‘This Month We Love’ and ‘What’s Hot’ features. These are the hot spots of the media. A press release isn’t just sent out and left, we also put your products forward for inclusion in these features, which are the key place to be seen and a highly sought after spot in any publication.

So if you want more sales and an increased brand awareness, you need PR. It’s an investment in your business, you owe it that much. Don’t just spend your budget on one advert – let’s get more traction, more awareness and more sales from that sum.

If you’re still unsure, I offer a free 20 minute strategy discovery call to answer all of your questions and explain in a little deeper detail just what is involved. We also explore the benefits of having a PR guru on your side. Just email to book yours!