Autumn is well and truly here. There’s been a distinct chill in the air the last few nights and it’s only a matter of weeks until the clocks change. It’s also only 12 weeks to Christmas! Unless you’re a little bit of a scrooge and hate all things festive, that means it’s time to start planning. Including where you will celebrate it and what you will buy friends and loved ones. I was chatting to a friend recently about how we each approach Christmas. And we ended up sharing funny stories about Christmas traditions amongst acquaintances and what they do about shopping each year. It turns out she knows one super-organised family who buy all their young children’s’ presents for the following December in the January sales… so they’re ready to go under the tree 11 months before Christmas Day! It got me thinking about how I approach the big day versus some of my closest friends. And how different we all are. Which one are you?


Even if you don’t finish every little bit of shopping 11 months in advance of Christmas like the super organised family mentioned above, you’ve snapped up Christmas cards and wrapping paper in the January sales and send out requests for present lists in August! Having one eye on Christmas from a long way out means that you’re done and dusted by October or early November. So can smugly avoid the bunfight on the high street come December! That gives you ample time to enjoy the run up to Christmas. Including taking full advantage of yard Christmas parties, work Christmas parties… any festive parties really! It also gives you the time and headspace to think up the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Which is why I think the ‘Create Your Own’ boxes from Hooves & Love are right up your street. They allow you to choose from a selection of unique and handcrafted products to make up a truly personal present for a friend or loved one!


Once the warmth of summer is gone and the days are shortening you know it’s time to start planning Christmas. To be fair, you buy the occasional present when you see something perfect at events. As well as shopping days through the year. But get most of it done in flurries of activity between October and early December. That means you can get stuck into those festive movies and fun rides with tinsel and antlers. Including Christmas markets on a Saturday afternoon. Albeit knowing that you might have to sneak to the shops and battle the crowds once more before you’re totally finished. If you’re stuck for inspiration and feel like you don’t know quite where to start this year, why not browse through Hooves & Love’s carefully curated gift boxes? From the comfort of your sofa, perhaps with a glad of wine in hand, you can choose from a range of equestrian-inspired gifts. Matching up the different gift boxes with your fellow horse loving friends.


Flying by the seat of your pants, you wait until the pressure is really on before getting Christmas shopping underway. Heading to a shopping centre on a late-opening evening in December and getting it all done in one go. Or sitting with a laptop and flinging purchases into online baskets is your idea of good gifting. To some it might be stressful but to you that time pressure means key decisions are made in moments and you don’t agonise over a thing! But it also means extra stress. As well as the risk of something perfect selling out before you can get your paws on it. This year, why not turn over a new leaf?  If you’ve got horsey and countryside-loving ladies on your present list, you’ll find an absolute treasure-trove of amazing gifts at Hooves & Love that will arrive gift wrapped with a personalised note. Now that is stress-free shopping!

Take a closer look at the amazing gift boxes from Hooves & Love here – and enjoy that extra time in December when you’re not whizzing around panicking about presents!