Web hosting is a service that allows you to post a website to the internet. Without this, you simply cannot highlight your website to the rest of the wonderful world. I’ve spoken with Black Nova Designs to bring you all you need to know about hosting!

Black Nova Designs is a web hosting service provider that provides the technologies and services needed for the website to be viewed on the Internet.

They offer various types of web hosting services to ensure you get the right level for you. Before signing up, it is important to understand what kind of service you or your business needs, allowing you to make a cost effective decision on the correct package. Remember you can always upgrade at a later date if you out-grow your web hosting package.

To Black Nova Designs technology is like a fine art nobody loves it more than they do.

Danielle and Kyle of Black Nova Designs value every single client they have and as well as the servers that keep your website safe and secure. They are real life (and totally lovely) people so you can meet them for a coffee (or wine!) to tale through ideas and your current level of service. In addition to the web design and hosting, they also provide email set up instructions and free remote support to help set you up on your desktops, tablets and mobiles. The process is seamless and easy, just as it should be!

Why choose Black Nova Designs? 

I was initially drawn to this brand due to their work ethic and charm on Instagram stories (proof that social media really does work!) But why should you choose them over larger web hosts?

  • cost
  • efficacy
  • USP

Their USP is simple – they offer a speedy, efficient, friendly yet professional service that you just can’t fault. They’re also the most reasonable hosts I’ve come across and can solve any problems you’ve got within minutes. Even when I messaged at 8pm at night (totally my fault trying to break my own emails!) it was sorted immediately. You really don’t get better than that.

“We are approachable and pride ourselves in valuing every client as a person and not a number,” Danielle explains. “Every client matters to us, and the success of each client’s business and websites brings us a lot of pride, to be able to provide a service that helps small, medium and large businesses grow is what makes us different. We love hearing success stories and helping others – it’s something we take a lot of value in.”

“Black Nova Design now host my website, and it has been the best decision for my business. All queries are responded to in a friendly and timely manner and nothing is too much trouble. I would recommend them to anyone in my network. I cannot fault their commitment and service.”

Charlotte Riley – Being Truly Me

Hosting costs

So how much does this wonderful service cost? The packages below give you an idea of the affordability of using Black Nova Designs as your web hosts. As a business owner, it’s essential you have the package to suit you and your needs, so if you’re unsure, do just give them a call and they’ll happily advise!



So how is your web kept secure?

“Our server space is monitored by our own personal judgement – obviously everyone gets their package limit on our server, but the amount of users per server is manually controlled by us – for example we generally try to judge the website traffic/popularity before the move/setup and then move them to which ever server has the lowest load, to keep all servers balanced,” Danielle clarifies.

“We also maintain a fair usage policy – so all users are maintained and monitored to make sure users aren’t taking the “micky” or hogging for fun! We are also a firm believer in looking after the servers like they are our children, therefore will think about the servers health for the customers – allowing us to keep a healthy infrastructure and all customers to appreciate every part of our hosting packages.”

As a website owner, you should always have the ability to manage, edit and add to your own website. While Black Nova Designs can migrate you to a WordPress platform, they ensure you can continue to manage as you wish, after all, it’s YOUR website! However, should you ever need assistance, they are always there to offer support and advice. Our servers are designed and built to provide the ultimate in performance and speed for your WordPress website.

“We provide a professional affordable service, with full ongoing support at any time. All our servers have a 99.9% uptime. With cPanel you can create email accounts, reset passwords, modify documents and even manage your domains on the fly. You can host multiple websites with us, which your wallet will appreciate. Our expert support is available around the clock, so you’ll never have to puzzle over a question alone.”

For more information, please visit https://www.blacknovadesigns.co.ukor find them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.