I’ve spoken with many business owners recently about website hosting. If you’re unsure of what website hosting is and why you need it, check out this blog – https://www.tarapunterpr.co.uk/2018/08/07/what-is-web-hosting-and-why-do-you-need-it-black-nova-designs-advise/

But one thing that keeps coming up is website hosting costs. So I caught up with Black Nova Designs to hear from the horses mouth…

“There is no ‘average’ when it comes to hosting. Some people pay anything from £3 per month to £300… in fact some people using Shopify can spend up to £700 a month…

There is a difference in service throughout all of the providers packages. But ‘usually’ the cost in this instance doesn’t always represent quality.

There are thousands of hosting companies out there – and trying to work out who to choose is difficult.

We offer VPS, Dedicated and shared hosting.

For the purposes of this I am going to base this on shared hosting prices (this is when there are multiple client websites on one server).

Shared hosting is sold by many ‘big named’ hosts and usually a shared hosting company will ‘stuff’ as many websites as logically possible on the server. Thus making it over crowded, difficult to maintain at optimum level and could affect page load speeds and SEO.

Getting as many websites as possible on one server means they can make more money with less outgoing costs.

We work very differently, our servers are our babies. Kyle literally loves, adores and protects it as much as physically possible. He will not overload it. And each is packed full of firewalls and antivirus software protection. It is also optimised to the highest possible specs (including SSD’S).


Ok enough babble, let’s talk prices….

A reasonable hosting fee on shared hosting is going to sit roughly around £100 per year for a decent sized package with hosting support. Keep in mind prices vary hugely so this is a very average price.

We have different tiers of pricing

A fairly small blog site (up to 1gb of space) with no domain emails attached is £34 year. Or £3.79 monthly (it is cheaper for the client to pay yearly than monthly)

For something such as a shopping website, or information website with a lot of content, images and large email folder we have the popular Business Starter package. Allowing 15gb of space £70 per year or £8.99 per month.

Business Unleashed – we would recommend this for very large shopping websites, high volume content, images or clients with huge domain emails. This package is £180 a year or £17.99 a month.

We do not have visitor limits on any of our packages, unlike most other large hosting companies.

There are VPS options for large sites news sites, or sites requiring more specific services, options or set up. These start at around £40 per month. But this is each client’s own server rather shared hosting.

These prices are just for our website hosting packages. Please keep in mind some other companies increase prices to include monthly support. We provide support on a adhoc basis with regards to email set up, website edits. As well as any other support. This works best for our clients. Without them being fixed to parting with money every month”.