How are your New Year’s resolutions going as we fly through January? Whatever your aims, I hope that you’re starting to see the positive effects of them. Whether that’s a little bit of weight lost, some fitness gained or more free time in your week thanks to new organisational regime? If so, well done and stick at it! Less than 10% of New Year’s resolutions are kept to the end of the year. So let’s beat those stats and power through to make 2019 your very best year yet!

If you’re struggling a little bit or have broken your resolution already, don’t give up. One mistake doesn’t have to mean you give up entirely. And it can certainly take a little while to adjust to a new routine. Even bed in new habits or undo the overeating of the festive period if weight loss is your target.

The use of Theraputic Magnets

Whether you’re seeing clear results or are still hoping for the best, perhaps you are on the hunt for something to help you stay on track? There are tech tools and apps such as FitBit activity trackers to monitor steps. Google Keep for keeping those to do lists in order. And Chip or Moneybox to help you save and keep track of spending. Newspapers and magazines are full to the brim with the latest diet plans or exercise regimes to kick-off the year in the healthiest possible fashion. But what about something a little different this year, in the form of therapeutic magnets?

The Vitality range from Pegasus Jewellery combines the most powerful therapeutic magnet neodymium and the chemical element germanium with attractive bracelets and rings. To create jewellery that not only looks good, but also helps to boost the body and mind! You can choose from four sleek and beautiful ring designs. Or bracelets featuring snaffle detailing, woven leather, bright, rainbow-coloured silicon or uber-fashionable rose gold links.

But how does magnet therapy actually work, I hear you wonder?

The iron in our red blood cells is a conductor of magnetic energy. So wearing a magnet near a pulse point can help to aid circulation and boost the amount of oxygen and vital nutrients being delivered to the tissue. Wearers of Pegasus Jewellery’s Vitality rings and bracelets report that they get better quality sleep. And find any lingering aches and pains are diminished. As well as having more energy to tackle whatever life throws at them! Could they be just the little band of miracle that you need to ensure you’re ready to make the very best of 2019?

I’ve been wearing Vitality bracelets from Pegasus since their launch in Autumn 2017. And can certainly vouch for them helping me to stay happy and energised during the busiest 18 months of my life! Take a look at the Vitality bracelets here and the Vitality rings here.