This year the lead up to Christmas was particularly busy for me.  Supporting my family during illness had to take centre stage. While I also worked hard for my clients, got various ducks in a row for the office shutdown and bought those all-important gifts. It’s a time of year that I normally adore. But I have to admit that this year it took me quite a while to feel calm and in control of everything enough to start feeling festive.

Incredible highs to finish an incredible year

The past year as a whole has been quite exceptional. There have been some incredible highs. Including getting married, the honeymoon, TPPR going from strength to strength and hitting the targets I set myself at the start of the year! But it hasn’t happened without some serious graft and some stressful moments. Anyone else who works for themselves and employs other people will understand the pressures that come with both. Particularly when you put your heart and soul into the business! But as you know, I’m all about the positives! Happily, I can say that I love what I do more than ever.

Pegasus Jewellery - Equestrian inspired JewelleryI’m also a firm believer in rewarding yourself when you’ve achieved what you set out to.  I’m enjoying the chance to switch off over Christmas and a candle, glass of wine and evening tucked up on the sofa with Kiwi and my husband is almost as good as a spa day (but I’m very happy to trial more spa days just in case I’m wrong, of course…). Furthermore I’m also planning to treat myself to a little something to pat myself on the back for a top-notch 2018. Pegasus Jewellery’s products are on my radar day in, day out and so I have a long list of pieces I’d love. So that’s the first website I’ll be clicking on!

Treat yourself

Pegasus have grown into a hugely successful equestrian brand over the past 12 months, and it’s not hard to see why. Stunning jewellery with perfect equestrian detailing such as snaffles, stirrups, horseshoes and more. There are plenty of pieces in my absolute favourite jewellery shade, rose gold, which have caught my eye! I’m told rose gold is an enduring trend in fashion thanks to how well it photographs. And when you look at the Pegasus rose gold collection that certainly rings true – it’s all just so Instagram-able! The Rose Gold Snaffle Bangle and the Rose Gold Equestrian Necklace are both on the short list…maybe it will be both?!

There’s another good reason why I’ll be choosing to treat myself with a little something from Pegasus while I reflect on a successful 2018. I know that Kim, the founder of Pegasus Jewellery, is another business owner who works so, so hard and puts her heart and soul into everything she does. The growth and success of her brand has been nothing short of amazing. So I’m proud to highlight her products to you and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Go on, take a little look… it can’t hurt to treat yourself every now and then!