Social media is amazing. I’ve said it time and time again and will continue to do so. I’ve got a huge amount of work from it and continue to help my clients do so. Yet it really can be one of the super time consuming aspects of your business. I have a few top tip for making your content creation super easy!

Thinking of fresh content is hard work particularly if you’re posting at least once or twice a day across a number of platforms.

A couple of years ago I started to become aware of awareness days that were really taking the social trends by storm. I then had the brainwave that could transform my content creation.

Plan ahead

It’s simple – whenever you see a hashtag, awareness day or ‘National day of…’ day taking social by storm, make a note of it. The back of your diary will have some spare pages that you can make such notes in. Be sure to write the date, the day and which platform(s) this was trending on. At the end of this year, as you look ahead to January 2020 and beyond (scary, but it’ll soon fly around) you know you already have some key dates and awareness days to kickstart your campaign. There are a number of days that are relevant to business such as World Entrepreneur Day, National Clean Off Your Desk Day and National Fun At Work Day as well as many that are more industry specific.

Generally these are epic on Twitter and Instagram, where hashtag usage is encouraged, but they do also feature on other social platforms.

It really is a foolproof way of getting ahead. Trust me, by the end of December this year, you’ll be exhausted. Your mind won’t be thinking of fresh content for January yet you should still be planning and scheduling January’s content then. This tip will help you get ahead. Imagine how smug you’ll feel!

Brand Exposure

Joining in trending days and hashtags can really increase your reach and engagement. It’s all great in terms of increasing your brands exposure. So while it might not seem like you’ll get sales from it, your brand will be opened up to a larger audience and you never know who may know a potential client who needs your help.

Look at the bigger picture – plan ahead – get set for success. 

It really is simple, straight forward and works! I’ve tested the theory over the past few years before sharing with the world. I can’t even begin to describe what a relief it is to have that head start!

Get organised

If social media is still the one task that you detest. Or struggle to find time for and just don’t care about, why not consider outsourcing it? It is actually one of the simplest and easiest tasks to outsource. Our highly skilled team make it a breeze – it really couldn’t be easier from your point of view and our competitive packages have something for everyone!

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