Your mindset is everything. The best ideas in the world will remain just that if the mindset work isn’t right! Regardless of your business model, investment, marketing strategy, customer portfolio and sales strategy, if you don’t have the right mindset, it will all be wasted! 

Interestingly, mindset goes way beyond just ‘the mind.’ Your beliefs, your attitude, your passion, your habits, are all down to mindset. 

I recently spent a week in Beverly Hills on a coaching mastermind trip with my business coach Niyc Pidgeon. Niyc just so happens to go to masterminds with Sir Richard Branson, so she certainly knows a thing or two about business! I attended this coaching trip, fully expecting us to be working on strategy, marketing, packages and pricing. We had guest experts in to coach us, one of which charges $250,000 for a NINE MONTH coaching programme! Just staggering… The biggest takeaway from the whole 5 days of coaching? Mindset. Every session was based around mindset – money mindset, confidence mindset, growth mindset, self-belief mindset. 

In addition, it truly made me realise – as has the past 6 months of mindset work I’ve done with my current coach – your mindset really is everything. 

“Your mindset is the single biggest weapon you have – use it wisely.” 


Your mind is divided into your conscious and your subconscious mind. Interestingly, the subconscious takes up a staggering 96% of your mind space! Your subconscious mind is the part we want to work with. It’s the part that has been programmed from when you were a child. Moreover, it’s also the part that really doesn’t know the difference between fact and fiction so can actually be controlled and programmed relatively easily, if you put the work in. 

Your current beliefs have generally been ingrained since you were a young child. The growth of a child up until they’re 7 years old is when the mindset and associated beliefs truly sets in. So if, when you were younger, you were told that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ or that ‘you won’t make anything of yourself’ you’ll quite likely believe it to be true, well into your adult years. But it’s essential to realise, these aren’t your beliefs and that you have the power to re-write them. It’s not too late!

Law of Attraction Expert and Mindset Coach, Fiona Drake, puts it simply. “We think up to 70,000 thoughts a day. Each thought we think is effectively an affirmation. What is the story you’re telling yourself? If it is ‘this is tough’ or ‘I’ve not enough time’ then this will generally play out. So, change the paradigm. Consider how it will change your conditioning if you start to consciously be aware of your thoughts. Catch yourself as you think a negative thought and switch it for a positive intentional thought. Think about how you’d like your story to play out. You are the author of your life. It’s that simple!” 


This is the one I just LOVE working on! Yes, in the 80’s, when I was born, money didn’t grow on trees, but now, in the 21st Century, there has never been a better time to be in business and opportunities are endless! 

Furthermore, a fixed or negative money mindset will really limit your earning potential. People with a fixed money mindset will genuinely believe they can’t charge what they both desire and are worth and will never really obtain the true growth and results in their business that they deserve. There are specific money mindset coaches out there (I have two sessions per month with one and I love them!) who can help to truly uncover these blocks.

Additionally, I start each day with a morning ritual. During that ritual, I do a gratitude prayer (saying out loud all the things I’m thankful for, from my clients and business to my husband, horse and dog), a meditation and then some affirmations. For me, I believe in myself totally, so it’s money mindset affirmations that I say, such as, “I am financially abundant,” “making money is easy” and “I always have enough money for my desires and the life I want.” 

Furthermore, the more you say something, the more you can believe it. I also say my monthly income goals out loud and write them down as though they have already happened, so if your goal is to earn consistent £5k months, you can try saying “I am SO happy and thankful for my £5k months! I am so financially abundant.” Trust me, this stuff really works!  


This is a big one. Self-belief is the biggest reason for someone to not start a business. 

“What if I fail?”

“Or what if I can’t earn enough to pay my bills and live?”

“What if the business doesn’t take off?”

These what if’s are the biggest killer to any business idea. So let’s look into that further… 

Your self-belief is strongly linked to your subconscious mind. As we’ve already discovered, your subconscious mind is actually 96% of your total mind capacity! So it’s really imperative to work on that space with mindset work. 

A practice I really love is manifesting and meditating just before I fall asleep. Just before you fall asleep is when your mind is falling into that subconscious state. It’s the time when things can truly sink in, so if you’re thinking “oh I’m not good enough”, “I’m no good at sales” or “I can’t possibly make the money I need to in order to live the life I want,” then your mind will believe you.

So try picturing how it would feel if in 1, 2, 5 or 10 years you had the dream business and were the perfect vision of yourself. What would you say or do? How would you act? How would you dress? Get inventive with your imagination and begin to really FEEL how that would make you feel. 

Whatever you can believe, you can achieve. 

If you’re still struggling with your self-belief, try writing out some affirmations. So, try saying “I believe in myself and my business.” If that is challenging, start small with, “I am starting to believe in myself and my business.”


Equally important to remember is that the best things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone. Moreover, the scariest things I’ve done in my business have given the biggest gain. Having that faith in myself and my business falls down to a growth mindset. 

If you don’t have a growth mindset, you’ll rarely be able to grow your business as you’ll find yourself plateauing. As a matter of fact, it was in October 2017 that I needed a growth mindset more than ever. My business had plateaued and without magically finding more hours in the day or whacking my prices up for current clients, I had to find a way to be able to work with more clients, helping them achieve their goals and the business they desired through coaching and PR packages.


At the time I was working with my first coach and she mentioned growing my team. I am a complete self-confessed control freak and the idea terrified me! But my growth mindset knew that if I wanted to continue to grow, I would have to start to grow my team. I had total faith in myself and my business and took on a Journalist and an Assistant. I’ve never looked back. 

Without that growth mindset, I would have remained at that level with no room to grow the business. A favourite phrase of many leading entrepreneurs is ‘if you aren’t growing, you’re dying.’

“Mindset is more than thinking positively. It’s about the mental resilience to overcome the setbacks on your way to success. Additionally mindset shapes the way you view yourself and the world. Without cultivating a powerful mindset we can easily become our own limitation in life and business. Your self-awareness, beliefs and attitudes inform your success just as much, if not more, than your actions.” Tori Helf, MTP, Mindset Expert. 


Mindset really is everything. It’s the biggest, most powerful and by far the best thing you should invest in. The mindset work will rarely be done – I’m forever working on mine, and now actually love to do so and love helping my coaching clients with theirs too. Just remember, as soon as you uncover some blocks, others will arise, and it’s very much a case of dealing with those in a similar style to others. 

As soon as you believe in this work and have total belief in yourself, anything really is possible. I’ll never forget my Mum telling me ‘anything is possible if you work hard enough!’ That’s a quote from my childhood that I’ll remember, embrace and share for the rest of my life. Talk about a self-belief mindset! 

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