Our favourite equestrian gifting company Hooves & Love celebrated its third birthday earlier this month. Not many new businesses make  it to that milestone and it’s even more amazing when you consider that nearly half of that time has been spent in a pandemic! We’re over the moon to see Hooves & Love founder Emma succeed in her dream to build a brand which makes buying gifts for horse lovers effortless. Her gift boxes are just stunning, with gorgeous items hand-packaged into gift boxes which can be personalised with the recipient’s name. Kamagra 100mg ivermectin cream in scabies Ar Raqqah tablets are a very old drug originally of germany. A subterraneously few weeks into the online drugstore mastercard propecia 1 treatment, i was feeling great. I am just an anti-vax, as i am stromectol price in pakistan Savonlinna sure my father, my uncle, &c. The kamagra oral jelly 100 mg treatment provides fast results without any side effects as compared to the other medications which have http://thehopshed.co.uk/3916-ivermectin-for-sheep-injection-27137/ a long period of time for the results to be observed, and this is the reason why most of the people prefer to use the kamagra oral jelly 100 mg treatment. It kills the female worms that cause feline onchocercosis, and then kills the immature female worms once they have Mexicali ivermectin boehringer completed their embryogenesis. There’s also the addition of a hand-written greeting’s card which is even finished with a bespoke wax seal! If you haven’t taken a closer look then make sure you pop over to her website.

Hooves & love grooming kit

To highlight her achievement we sat down and chatted to Emma all about Hooves & Love. We asked her all about how she selects the products which go into her gift boxes,  which is her favourite and her commitment to sustainability, among other things. Let’s dive in!

What is your starting point when you want to add new products? 

It can depend on whether or not a new product has caught my eye and it’s something I’d like to add to the range. Usually this is the case for new products and it is rather fun browsing products online and in person in the name of ‘work’! When I’m creating new gift boxes, I usually start with a theme in mind. I then work products in whilst making sure they all compliment each other and don’t look out of place when boxed together.  

You suppliers are all small businesses too – how do you find them? 

Some of the small businesses I work with have found me and got in touch. Others I have found when I’ve been searching for a particular product and have an idea in mind. I also have some suppliers who are local to me which I’ve specifically sourced. It’s wonderful to support British businesses but even better when they are local too! 

Was sustainability always a part of the plan for Hooves & Love or something you decided along the way? 

It was always part of the plan to be as sustainable as possible. I can’t class the business as 100% sustainable yet, but it’s something I’m striving for. I think about sustainability with every new product and gift box. I’m a big fan of re-using too, and I hope that customers can re-use their gift boxes either by re-gifting or using as a box to store items. When I launched the recent Luxe collection, I was keen to offer a refill service on the candles so that they can be reused again and again too.

What’s your favourite gift box and individual product from the collection?

My favourite individual products are the Luxe Collection candles, as I’m a huge candle lover! They smell so good and last so long. It’s hard to decide on which scent though, as I love them all. But the Jasmine & Oud was the original Hooves & love scent and so I’d probably go with that one. 

For gift boxes, I love the Relax and Pamper gift box as it’s one of those that you can gift anyone for any reason at any time. It’s just a great self-care gift and lovely to treat yourself too.

Tell us more about SAFE and why you chose to support this charity? 

SAFE is a horse rescue charity that is very local to me (only a couple of miles down the road). They came across my radar in 2014 when it was in the local news about a large group of abandoned horses who were struggling. Some of the local people got together to help save them. Unfortunately they couldn’t save them all but that’s where SAFE started. Ever since then, I’ve supported the charity personally through donations. When I started the business, I knew I had to include something that could continue to support them. 

I appreciate that when it comes to donating to charities, everyone has different circumstances and thoughts. I wanted to make it as easy as possible with a gift that was affordable and by gifting it to someone, you are also giving to the charity. So I came up with the mug. It’s a simple design, but with beautiful wording that reminds me that however much these horses have been through. There’s always love when they find the right people, and they just keep on giving that. It’s a completely non-profit mug and I hope I can continue selling them and raising money for the charity because every bit really does make a difference, and I can see that first hand.

Are there any more exciting plans in the pipeline? 

There are some plans to go down the line of offering more tailored personalisation on certain products. There’s also an idea for a new way of gifting that I hope to bring to fruition. I’m always working on something new in the background, Hooves & Love never stands still. Mostly this year I’m excited about the prospect of getting back out and about at events (hopefully) as I’ve really missed that!

Thank you to Emma for chatting to us, and if you’d like to take a closer look at Hooves & love, click here.