So, we’re here once again. The start of a new year and with it a black canvas. For many it’s a time to reflect and plan for the year (or at least the quarter) ahead of us. Having had 10 days off myself, I know too well how hard it can be to get going again. Your mind might still be on Quality Street and Mince Pies but it’s time to get back IN THE GAME!

January is a strange time – in retail, it can be hard if you’re not running New Years sales and many feel the need to tighten their pockets until the next pay day (which seems so far away!) So what can you do to help your business this January and keep the epic-ness flowing? I’ve collated these 9 social posts that you need to create in January to kickstart your 2019 social campaign.

My top 9

  1. What can people expect from you this year? Do you have any new courses, services, products or things for people to be excited about? Give people a heads up – everyone loves to have something to look forward to! Plus new-ness is always the best PR.
  2. Blue Monday – January 21st, officially the most depressing day of the year! The cold nights, credit card statements and long way until pay day mean it really can feel like the toughest time. Why not share some joy, spread some positivity and keep your social page positive to inspire others this 21st Jan. It’s also National Hugging Day that day so double the reason to spread the joy!
  3. #MondayMotivation – always a popular hashtag across all platforms but even more popular in January as people really try to get motivated for the year ahead. What pearls of wisdom can you share to kickstart someones week?
  4. Focus focus focus! After 10 – 14 days off and a plethora of mince pies, some people might struggle to concentrate and get back into the swing of things. Share your top 10 tips for a successful working strategy and feel the love! 
  5. Discussion – You should always try and encourage interaction. A simple post such as “Looking ahead to Summer holidays and times sipping cocktails on the beach. I’d love to know, what do you prefer? Winter sun or a spot of skiing?” can work wonders. Engagement is the key way to grow your pages reach and following. After all, people just love to share their opinion!
  6. ‘National Clean Off Your Desk Day’ is the 14th January – For me, a clean desk = a clean mind. I can’t work in a messy environment, and even less so at a messy desk! For a bit of fun you could ask your followers what their desk or office space looks like – could they describe in one word or with emojis?
  7. If there was ever a hashtag to get involved in, I think this is it! From the 22-28 January it’s National Farmhouse Breakfast Week! To me, that means real chunky sausages, runny yolk eggs and crispy bacon. What’s your favourite breakfast? Another popular topic for people to share their opinions on – ask away!
  8. #NationalTriviaDay on January 4th is always great fun! Share some of your wildest and most favourite random facts across all platforms using the hashtag and don’t forget to ask people what theirs is!
  9. Finally, January 28th is National Fun At Work Day. Time to get creative and think outside the box! How can you have fun at work? Have you got a team around you and can stage a tack room sing along, storage room dance off or impromptu game of lunchtime snap. Get some photos or video content and get sharing! Everyone loves positivity and something fun!

Scheduling social posts is a great way to get your year off to the best start! There are so many things that can be shared during this often slightly depressing month. Use these to give yourself a head start and then get thinking outside the box!

If you would like any further ideas for more social posts, help or even a chat about how to make this year your best yet, please get in touch!