My business retreat to L.A  changed my life. 100%. It was so much more than I ever thought, hoped or anticipated. I uncovered money mindset blocks and opened myself up vulnerably. Made friends that I know will be lifelong. Met world leading coaches. Made friends with someone who charges $250,000 for a 9 month programme. Yes, 9 months. But it also gave me some key takeaways, all of which every single person can use in their own lives and businesses. Here goes;

  1. Share your story 

Why did you set up your business? What was your journey to being here? What inspires you to want to be your own boss? It all helps to let your audience know, like and trust you. The 3 key things to consider when creating content. If you can share a vulnerable story in a way that will make your audience connect with you on a deeper level, then do it. 

  1. Offer support – what can YOU do for others? The favour will be returned!

If you want to connect with or work with someone but not sure how to pitch it, try simply making a connection, showing some love and asking what YOU can do for them. They might not need anything but just offering will shine you in the brightest light rather than all of those people that just take take take.  

  1. Choose your support network WISELY 

When I was interviewed on Good Morning La La Land, I was asked what one of the key steps to success was for me. 100% my support network. You can have the greatest ideas in the world but without the support of your coach, mentor, girl gang or other half, those ideas will probably stay just that. Since returning from L.A I still regularly speak to all of the girls, we’ve committed to holding each other accountable so there really is no excuse! Just having someone to bounce ideas off of and to make you take that super scary step is VITAL. 

  1. Don’t let your past define you, do the work on it to clear those blocks 

One common anomaly with my L.A gals is that we’ve all had shit happen to us. Every single one of us. But, when the tears started to fall and we started to do that really deep work on ourselves to uncover those blocks holding us back we’re letting the universe send us greatness (yes I know, I never thought I’d write a sentence like that either!) and opening up our true power to the world. Don’t let it define, use it as an opportunity for greatness. 

  1. Don’t ever settle 

You are meant for SO much more than you even know. Everybody has the true power to learn and to master their area of specialism. Don’t think there is a limit to your knowledge, to your self belief and to your expertise. Everyone has the power to learn, if they so desire. I’ll admit I was not an A student! I think I got something like C’s in my GCSEs and Bs to Ds for my A Levels. The issue was I just didn’t like learning what was taught at school! When I went to Uni however I knew I loved learning what I was learning! Same with my business. So don’t settle. You’re always meant for and capable of so much more than you know!