Last month saw the news that 5 million people in the UK are now registered as self-employed. The number of people setting up on their own has been rising every year since 2001 and more latterly it’s entrepreneurial women who are bolstering the stats. Self-employment means the freedom to work how and when you like or perhaps have a ‘side hustle’ to your main employment. For people with a deep love of horses and riding, working as a freelance riding instructor or setting up their very own riding school might just be the dream job! Read on to find out how being able to teach a winning mindset in the saddle will help you make a real success of it.  

It’s amazing to be able to build up a solid and loyal client base. You will also reap the rewards for all your hard work and long hours. There’s also the variety of being able to teach across several locations and with lots of different clients and horses. But, as any riding instructor or coach will tell you, you are up against more variables than many other freelancers.

The challenges of being a freelance riding instructor

Unless you’re lucky enough to have an indoor school everywhere you teach, the UK weather will be a problem. Storms Ciara and Dennis have shown us that it’s not just snow that impacts work in the winter. Flooding, fallen trees, cancelled competitions, saturated schools and just downright unwilling clients will disrupt the normal pattern of lessons. Then there’s the fact that both sides of the equation are animals. Even if the rider is ready and raring to go there’s always the possibility that the horse isn’t on top form. From feeling slightly off colour to a more serious physiological complaint, when an animal is in the mix success is never guaranteed. The rider could suffer injury too, especially if they spend much of their time riding young or green horses.

So, what can a riding instructor do to ensure their income is stable and reliable? It’s worth thinking about ways to continue your pupils’ development when they aren’t in the saddle. That means you can still carry on with lessons if the weather is particularly poor, the horse injured or it’s simply too dark to ride. Becoming an Empowered Equestrian Coach might just be the answer…

The unique Tracey Cole approach

NLP coach and equestrian Tracey Cole

Having the right mindset is crucial to success in the saddle. We can all think of days when our mind totally gets the better of us, either with nervousness or negativity. Instead of harmony between rider and horse it feels awkward and a lot like hard work. Then consider the jockey who wins race after race on the same card, riding a wave of confidence. There’s no doubt he has a winning mindset that’s helping him gain success in the saddle! So is there a way for instructors to help riders master their mindset?

The Empowered Equestrian Coach course from NLP specialist Tracey Cole will give you the skills to teach clients how to master their mindset, and it’s the only course of its kind in the world. Riding instructors and coaches come away with 4 accredited certifications, enabling them to approach any mindset issue with the confidence and ideas to help their customer change. You’ll be able to offer coaching regardless of the weather and out of the saddle.

There’s also another benefit to learning how to coach customers in mindset mastery. Being an Empowered Equestrian Coach means you are able to offer something other instructors aren’t. You’ll work with customers to help them master their mindset as well as their body, forming the perfect winning partnership with their horse. That’s a very powerful string to add to your bow – imagine working that into your Facebook page and website! Learn more about this amazing course right here.