As we whizz towards Christmas and the end of 2019, it seems like a good time to take stock of the past 12 months. It’s been a busy and incredible year for me. The business has grown over and above my wildest dreams. I adore coaching more and more each day. And adding NLP as another string to my bow is a fantastic way to finish the year. It’s been hard work but so very worth it. Of course, there are always bumps in the road… There is no person walking this earth who never has a tough day or never has a moment of doubt. Or indeed never needs to take a step away from time to time. Taking stock, regrouping and coming back refreshed is essential.

The importance of ‘being real’

I try to be open on my social media channels when I’ve had a tough spell and share how I get back on track. Hopefully, that might help other people! In my opinion there’s nothing helpful about everyone going around in a bubble pretending life is perfect. When so often it isn’t quite the case. Life is a balance and of course you should shout it from the rooftops when you’ve had a good day. But it’s not OK if people feel like they can’t share their struggles. When I’m open about my challenges it always amazes me how many messages I receive from people who feel the same way or are surprised that even ‘successful’ people have off days.

Social media has connected us all in a way no other comms tool or media has for many years. Perhaps since the invention of the TV or telephone! But it can be a snake pit too. It’s easy to spend hours comparing ourselves to others and forget what makes us truly happy – not what other people say should make us happy! That’s why it’s lovely to hear about initiatives to get people thinking about happiness, instead of tearing each other to pieces online.

Clients spreading the good vibes

Hooves & Love founder Emma felt that she wanted to spread some good vibes online, so at the beginning of November she did a social media challenge called #happyhoovesandlove. Each day for 7 days she posted a different challenge on social media. Which aimed to boost her followers’ mindset and happiness levels. But crucially, by getting them to think about their own strengths and situation. For example, day 1 was the ‘You Are Worth It’ challenge. Which encouraged followers to do something for them and them alone. Day 4 was ‘Check In’, where Emma challenged us to check in with someone we hadn’t heard from in a while. The last #happyhoovesandlove challenge was ‘Thank You’ day. Which gave everyone a chance to reflect on what had made them thankful.

Treat yourself or a loved one this year

Emma is of course no stranger to spreading a little bit of love. In fact, even aside from #happyhoovesandlove, she’s doing it all day every day. Even when she’s cooking her dinner, looking after her children or riding her horses! Hooves & Love means people across the UK get a warm fuzzy feeling from giving lovely presents and other people get the lovely surprise of a gorgeous present appearing at their door!

Her entire business was founded on the idea of helping people find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, with the Hooves & Love website packed with beautifully curated gift boxes full of unique and British-made delights for passionate equestrians. So, as we approach a very busy time of year, be kind to yourself! If you’re looking for a gorgeous horsey gift for a friend, why not browse what Hooves & Love have to offer? Or, perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to find something under the tree with the distinctive Hooves & Love branded wrapping this year? Only a few short weeks left to find out…