You don’t have to look very hard in any news outlet to find compelling stories about climate change and how to be more sustainable. Not to start to mention the war on waste! People are trying their best to use less plastic in their day-to-day lives. Even the supermarket giants are changing their packaging in response. Following a TV show in 2018 there’s even a focus on waste the fashion industry. In particular thanks to cheap, disposable ‘fast fashion’.

The rise of ASOS and Primark with their high-fashion, low quality products may have made celebrity style accessible to a wider market. But the negative consequences for our planet have been huge. Including for some of the people who make it.., but that’s to discuss another day! Crafted from tonnes of synthetic fibres or cheap, unsustainable cotton shipped to our shores in hugely polluting container ships. Fast fashion’s card is now marked by climate change campaigners. As most of the world’s cotton is grown in India, China, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Pakistan and Turkey then transported abroad.

Why we should be supporting British companies

There is a movement gathering momentum that encourages people to invest in fewer, better quality garments, re-wearing and mending as much as possible. That means high quality, sustainable materials and greater attention to detail in the manufacturing process. In my mind, that’s where some of our most brilliant British businesses can come into their own.

Choosing to shop at a local farmer’s market or farm shop helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the food we eat. And it helps support farmers rather than line the pockets of supermarket bosses to boot. There are also heaps of wonderful country clothing designers who design and make lovely pieces right here in the UK. So no sweat shops and giant profit margins, just a love for their craft and fantastic quality products.

Why Emma Brown Tweed should be on your wish list

Take Emma Brown Tweed, for example. Her designs are tried and tested for longevity and durability as she goes about her farming and rural lifestyle. In addition to this, as the name would suggest, her designs are largely crafted from a firm favourite of mine – tweed.

All items are woven right here in the UK. And make from 100% British wool tweed. Then made into beautiful shooting and country wear in Emma’s Rutland studio. Meaning nothing has been shipped halfway around the world. Before even making it into a changing room for the first time. Staying true to the sustainable element.

There are other amazing benefits to choosing ‘proper’, quality clothing such as this. Emma loves to work with her customers to ensure that they get exactly what they want. Whether that’s a slightly different lining colour or a longer length on a skirt. That’s the kind of service you certainly won’t get on the high street. The final point that really doesn’t need to be said, as Emma’s products have such a loyal fan base already. Her designs really are truly beautiful. They’re cut to flatter the female figure and they are so very clever, gifting curves to the slenderest of ladies and accentuating the beautiful shape of an hourglass figure. I recommend a little browse!