I’m so lucky to have a job which I love. And which I don’t mind in the slightest that I immerse myself in it every single day. Including weekends more often than not (sorry husband!!). It also means that I’m lucky enough to work with people who are incredibly passionate about what they do and who are working hard to grow their businesses.

It takes quite a special person to have it all in business. The creativity and vision to have those brilliant ideas, the dedication to get it all off the ground, the resilience to keep going when there are knock backs (and there will always be those), and the drive to keep pushing things forward when the rewards start to come in.

The importance of teamwork

One of those amazing people who I get to work with is Kim, the founder of Pegasus Jewellery. She’s got everything on that list. And has pretty much worked miracles to get Pegasus from a kitchen table business back in late summer of 2015, to a much-loved international equestrian jewellery company as we head into spring of 2019.

You can’t do it all on your own, however. One of the things I realised quite quickly when I set up Tara Punter PR was the importance of having a trusted team around me. I was full to the brim with amazing ideas for my business. There was plenty of work coming in and had an idea of what I enjoyed doing and what I didn’t. But I needed either two of me. Or twice the number of hours in the day to get everything done on time. It was time to look for a support network, a team to help me fill the gaps. To make sure I could focus on the important stuff. Kim has done the very same thing for Pegasus Jewellery, and that has led to Team Pegasus.

Behind the scenes

The Pegasus Team consists of sponsored riders, bloggers, brand ambassadors and… me (I look after the PR for Pegasus, in case you hadn’t put two and two together!). We help to fly the flag for Pegasus Jewellery around the country. In addition to helping inspire the new jewellery designs that Kim is always beavering away on at her home in Scotland. And sometimes are simply like an awesome support network of friends, happy to lend a willing ear. Everyone motivates each other and helps to pick each other up when they’re down. As well as having their own incredible strengths to bring to the table. The perfect blend.

My advice to anyone looking to scale their business up would be seek out that support network and never to be afraid of asking for help. With a little bit of steering from a business coach, and what felt at the time like an enormous leap of faith, I did it. And what a difference it has made. Kim has done it and Pegasus Jewellery is flying to heights that Kim only dreamt about in the beginning. The brand is hitting the road for the first time a little later this year. And I can’t wait for so many more loyal Pegasus customers to get the chance to meet the people behind the jewellery for the first time!

You can visit the Pegasus Jewellery website here.