I’ve been doing PR for 3 and a half years now and in that time have got coverage in the most prestigious publications in the equine and rural industries. Due to huge demand, I’m super excited to share my 8 week PR coaching programme with you, Superstar PR!

The modules

The 8 week coaching programme has 4 modules, with one hour per module every other week, carried out via Skype. The modules are as follows –
1. What is PR? An in-depth look at what it is, what is involved, how social media and marketing all contribute to a successful PR campaign, how to establish your brand in the media, different ways coverage can be obtained.
2. Relationship building – how can you get into your dream magazine? Who are you best sending your releases and pitches to? How can you establish connections with both digital and print to maximise your coverage?
3. Pitching format – how to write a press release, how to construct an email that will be picked up by journalists and editors, how to provide images plus the format in which they should be sent. Alternative ways to get coverage and increase your PR campaign.
4. What happens when you get coverage? How can you maximise your coverage, creating a campaign out of it. Looking at re-purposing the content for your own social media and website content. How can you help your clients understand their return on investment with the services you provide?
To start with the programme will be one on one so this can actually be tailor made to suit you! The course starts the week of the 29th October with Skype sessions every other week. Course concludes 21st December. A time and date will be set to suit you during those weeks of Skype sessions. At the end of each 1 hour session you will have the opportunity to complete a small task, which is then critically analysed by myself before the next session, with tasks including writing a press release, planning a product launch and finding the contacts of where you’d like to be featured.


The investment of this course is £1,495. But I’m actually running an early bird price for this which is just £750. This is available  in 2 options, either paid in full up front or in a price plan with the first instalment (£425) due at the time of booking with £425 then to be paid at the 4 week mark. I’ll also be creating a closed Facebook group for those on the course, to help support and encourage each other and a safe place to share any wins and any questions you may have.
If you’d like to join this exclusive limited opportunity then please click the following link and give as much information as you can and I’ll get in touch to confirm and book in your space: Secure my space.
If you have any questions about PR coaching please don’t hesitate to drop me an email: tara@tarapunterpr.co.uk.