Love taking your brand to country and equestrian events but you’ve nailed digital selling to ride out the pandemic? Now that some events are returning and others are cancelled, how do you feel about summer 2021? And could it be a growth opportunity?

Today would normally be the first day of Badminton Horse Trials. This fabulous event is so local to TPPR founder Tara’s home and it’s one of the toughest 3-day events in the world. The combination of beautiful surroundings, amazing horse and rider combos and epic shopping makes for a brilliant day out. Ivermectin plasters for scabies: the use of this drug has not plaquenil cash cost Australia resulted in the elimination of this parasitic infestation. They operate independently from the manufacturer, and stromectol est il sans ordonnance Teoloyucan many of them are owned by larger chain stores. Fda has reviewed a new clinical trial (pico study) report that is being released by a government agency, the fda center for drug evaluation and scatteredly stromectol dansk research (cder). Your hormones are doing sluttishly their job to get you pregnant. The Aigáleo ivermectin brand name in india purpose of benzodiazepines is to reduce anxiety. Or 5 days out, if you go along every day! We normally enjoy all the social aspects of Badminton and use it to catch up with clients past and present. It’s a great networking opportunity and a chance to see in person new country and equestrian brands. 

Uncertainty over events in 2021

But of course this much-loved event was sadly cancelled for 2021. Despite all the hard work from the organisers, they just couldn’t make it work. It’s rather strange isn’t it? As we look forward to the next stage of unlocking, we’re still seeing events cancelled.  Just last week Horsefest was postponed to 2022 and the Magic Millions Festival of British Eventing was called off. It seems a lack of support and guarantees for people hoping to put on larger events means it’s too risky. No event organiser can risk tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds, especially after the loss of virtually every event in 2020. 

What are the positives for small businesses?

So where does this leave small business owners who sell at events of any size? Probably frustrated and a little bit worried about committing to events. Which is totally understandable! It’s been a true rollercoaster of an 18 months living with a global pandemic.  Here at TPPR we still think there’s plenty to be positive about! Some large events are sticking to their guns. The Royal Windsor Horse Show and the Bolesworth International are looking forward to returning. There are positive stories in the press about social distancing being abandoned for the summer. It might just be that if you sold face-to-face prior to the pandemic, then pivoted to digital in 2020, the future will mean a hybrid model. 

The best of both worlds?

If you’ve invested time and money building a brilliant digital presence then please don’t abandon it when events return. Perhaps the combination of the two can represent an amazing growth opportunity for you. Could you devise an efficient way to drive strategy, create content and manage the sales from digital AND sell at events.

It might feel strange to view summer 2021 as an opportunity, but it really could be. If you’ve been making a healthy profit from online sales, view events as a brilliant bonus. An opportunity to grow sales, an opportunity to grow brand awareness. Perhaps even an opportunity to build your online audience further?

Take advantage of opportunities

If you’ve made a success of digital to the point it takes up all your time, you clearly have a new challenge. You need to think about how to keep that particular plate spinning whilst preparing for and attending events. Here are some top tips for you:

  • What can you delegate or outsource? Or, what jobs are you happy to let go of? It’s one of the hardest steps a business owner can take. Could you hire someone to take care of marketing and PR? Or, if you don’t have time to manage them, employ the services of an expert freelancer or agency?
  • Plan, plan and plan some more. If you’re pushed for time then it’s essential that everything you do moves the needle in your business towards your goals, Plan each day of the week so you’re using your time well.
  • Can you improve efficiency? Even using software to schedule your social media can save you oodles of time. It’s easy to get distracted when you go in to post, and you’re still reading your newsfeed 30 minutes later…
  • Do you still do your open accounting and tax return? It sounds like it’s time for a call with an accountant! List all your tasks, remind yourself how much time events really do take up and figure out how to unlock the time you need.

Outsource content creation and PR to the experts

Delegation, planning, outsourcing, and improving efficiency will enable you to make the most of whatever the summer brings! If you want to make 2021 your summer of opportunity, contact the team at TPPR to see how we can help you. We offer a range of services and packages for all budgets and business goals, so don’t be shy. Take that next step…