There are often reports and articles stating that some social media sites are ‘dying’. However if you actually looked at the statistics it is there in black and white that this simply is not the case. Sites such as Facebook and Instagram are constantly on the rise and are still such a powerful marketing tool. If your company isn’t on social media, here are some reasons why you should consider making the move.

Facebook is too big to ignore as a platform, it is always growing. It now has 2.27 billion monthly active users which is an increase of 10% year on year. If you aren’t active on Facebook you are missing out on a large proportion of potential customers. Even if you think your product is niche there will no doubt be a niche market looking for you on Facebook. With five new profiles being created every second on Facebook, thats 300 new users a minute and 423,000 every 24 hours. Even if only 1% of that number engaged with a post of yours it could be the difference between a sale and not.

User Generated Content

With the average time spent on Facebook being 20 minutes per session your content needs to be making an impact and fast. People will scroll and scroll and scroll through their timelines. So you need to be mindful, is your advert or post eye catching enough to stop them in their tracks and make them engage with your page? And once you have them on your page what content do you have to keep them there and what can they interact with?

Posts containing UGC (user generated content) have been proven to have a 4.5% conversion rate against posts that have no UGC, customers trust other customers’ opinions. So do you have any content that customers can fully interact with. Its not all about making content brighter than the others so consumers can see it. And although sometimes that might work, research has shown that images with one dominant colour tend to do better than multiples of hues. And images with a blueish hue gain 18% more likes than images that are reddish. If imagery is important to your business then Instagram is an essential tool that you should be using. 


Images on Instagram gain on average 23% more engagement than the same image on Facebook. And that statistic is so important to know with engagement being a key goal of the social media game. Other research has also shown that brands are seeing 10x the engagement on Instagram versus Facebook. And although Facebook will usually be the go to platform these statistics show that you can’t forget about the importance of Instagram. This also shows the value of the platform. They say an image is worth a thousand words! So why not use the best image based platform to showcase yours. 

It is an important factor to remember how customers are viewing the content you are posting. Statistics show that 1.15 billion users on Facebook are coming from a mobile device. So be mindful of how your posts appear on a mobile device. That is an increase of 23% from last year and is a lot of mobile traffic.

So much so that mobile advertising on Facebook represents 91% in 2018 compared with 87% in 2017. The increase of users accessing these platforms through their phones is rapidly increasing, is your content mobile phone friendly? And if that potential customer clicks a link from your social through to your web, is your web mobile friendly too?

Marketing packages

If all of this social media chat still sounds like a foreign language to you then thats no problem. With this being such a massive part of business’ nowadays it is important to get it right. And there are experts who can help with this. As part of the marketing packages, we offer full social media training and management. So whichever route you’d like to take to ensuring your social content is as successful and engaging as possible, we’ve the package for you. This can take a massive weight off of your shoulders. And you can be happy in the knowledge that all those platforms are in the correct hands with our very latest personal training.

If you would like to chat more about statistics please drop me a message!