Shop small British businesses to spread positivity in unsettling times. Now that we’re in lockdown, it’s essential to focus on positivity, supporting and connecting with others.

Unsettling times…

I imagine you are all feeling exactly the same, but I’m finding the world a strange place at the moment! We all know people whose livelihoods are uncertain, or who are busier than ever as they join the effort to fight covid-19. Many people are also finding that they know someone who is ill, as this virus creeps ever closer to our lives. Perspective shifts in a matter of days, doesn’t it? 

The power of positivity

But in these unsettling times, I’ve been determined to share as much positivity as I can. My NLP and mindset expertise means I know how important it is to focus on the positives. It would be so easy to sit and stare at the news, just absorbing the latest statistics. But you probably feel scared by the end of the day and it certainly isn’t productive! So, let’s join together, get stuff done and push for positivity!

For me, that’s meant spending time chatting to my network of clients and fellow business owners. We’ve been sharing ideas on my social media for ways people can use it to maximise their presence during this time – super important when people are trapped at home and scrolling! Instagram and Facebook have become a real little ‘factories’ of happiness and places to spread positivity. We’ve been sharing inspiration and chatting about the things in life we are most grateful for. 

Taking stock of 2019

Being thankful for connectivity

Here’s something I’m thankful for. That we live in an era where we can stay totally connected even when we can’t visit people. I can Facetime family and friends, stay in touch with my team and work wherever I need to. There are a few important birthdays and anniversaries coming up, but I can still source great presents. Online shopping means I can still spoil friends and loved ones without leaving the house. Plus, it’s never been a better time to support small, British businesses! Don’t automatically head to those big brands – seek out small businesses and their amazing artisan products. If you’re doing a spot of online shopping, then one of my go-to places for a shot of happiness is Hooves & Love. 

Founder Emma has turned her love of horses and obsession with finding gorgeous gifts for people into a thriving business. Take some of the ample time we have to browse the beautiful boxes she has curated on the Hooves & Love website. I adore the blend of luxurious accessories, bath products, cosy pampering socks and candles. There are also some fab boxes aimed at horse-mad kids. 

equestrian gift box from Hooves & Love

Exciting new gift box goodness… coming soon

I know you are absolutely going to LOVE the gift box that Emma has in the pipeline for later this year! If you’ve got a smaller horsey person’s birthday coming up take note… Or, if in these strange times, you just want to make a child smile, this is perfect. Called the “You Had Me at Neigh” gift box, I just love the Jerry Maguire reference! The box contains a brilliant sweater with the slogan across the front in sparkly silver letters, plus a fun Hooves & Love keyring. Coming soon to the website, so keep an eye out… 

I hope you’re all coping out there. Remember to seek out support, gratitude and positivity online at this time. There’s an awful lot of negativity out there and it could become overwhelming. Shop small British businesses, connect with others and spread positivity!