How do you feel about the arrival of winter? The evenings are already getting so dark and once those clocks change (hooray for an extra hour of slumber!), we’re really into the winter routine. During the first few weeks it can be tempting to lean into long evenings curled up on the sofa in front of a roaring fire. There are some great films in the cinema or Netflix is a treasure trove of televisual goodness. And after a busy summer outside, don’t you deserve a rest?

But what fun you are missing if you hibernate until the warmth and light of spring returns! The run up to Christmas is stuffed full of brilliant things to do if you can tear yourself away from the sofa and head back out in the darkness. Say yes to Halloween or Bonfire Night parties, late night shopping and meeting friends to try all of Costa’s festive menu in one go. Say yes to the work or yard Christmas party that turns into a night out in town that your 18-year old self would have been proud to survive.

But it does take a little extra motivation to get horses sorted in the morning (in the dark!), work all day, then get horses, exercised and bedded down for the night (also probably in the dark…). Once home, you need to get showered, dressed up and ready to head back out into the night. Other than a strong coffee, what can you do to give yourself an extra boost and some energy reserves this winter?

Getting in the 5-a-day

I try to pack in the healthy food when cold and flu season arrives. Working for myself is the best thing ever, but it also means any down time really eats into productivity. I have a great team, but my weeks are still totally full which means I need to be firing on all cylinders at all times. So, I make sure there’s lots of lean protein, fruit and veg for me and Mr Best in winter.

Drinking plenty of water

I post quite a lot about my beloved coffee and my goodness it is amazing, but I also have a big jug of water on hand all day long. It’s so important to stay hydrated and I really notice the difference in my concentration levels if I’ve neglected water that day. It’s also essential to help you deal with and recover from colds, so make sure you get the water in!

Giving myself a helpful little boost

I’m a firm believer in trying anything and everything that makes a difference to your health and wellness. I’ve been wearing my Pegasus Vitality bracelets now for years and I wouldn’t be without them! The ‘original’ Vitality bracelets and the rings and earrings all use magnetic therapy to boost energy and aid concentration. Both are essential for coping with a busy day and a fun evening!

The latest addition to the Vitality collection is the Vitality Boost bracelet, which uses holographic technology for the first time. Holograms help the flow of energy around the body and can mitigate the effects of positive ions. I’ve been wearing mine for weeks now and I know I can feel the difference! Bring on winter weather, bring on Christmas shopping and hooray for a little energy boost!