2018 has been a simply incredible year for me – my business is growing quicker than I ever imagined, I married the love of my life in June and thanks to a lot of hard work and planning, had a simply amazing month away on honeymoon touring the USA. I have loved every single moment without exception and have honestly never felt more positive about my present and my future.  

Leather Vitality magnetic bracelet from Pegasus Jewellery.
The Leather Vitality. Photo credit: Events Through A Lens

I cannot deny that it’s been hard at times, with seemingly mountains of work leading to long  hours and the occasional bout of stress and a few sleepless nights. I’ve learnt to look after myself, as the business will not function if I’m not functioning, and that means a good diet, plenty of fresh air with Kiwi, regular exercise and lots of time spent with my beloved ex-racehorse Ollie. There is one other little addition that I absolutely swear by, which helps me to sleep well, has stopped my occasional aches and pains (something that every keen horse rider knows only too well about) and has ended my 3pm slump. Not matter how focused and excited I was about my work, I would find that my concentration and energy levels often started to drop in the middle of the afternoon and it was a battle to make meaningful progress for the rest of the day – not ideal when every minute was dedicated to completing the various tasks that make up a day in the life of Tara Punter PR. 

When Pegasus Jewellery unveiled their very first Vitality Bracelet in autumn last year, I must admit to being somewhat cynical. I’d heard people talk about the difference wearing a magnetic bracelet made but didn’t truly believe that it was something that could help me. Boy was I ever wrong – not only are they beautiful to look at, at that time coming in a range of pretty colours with a branded magnetic clasp, they really do make a difference. I can walk downstairs in the morning (after a restful night of sleep) and my knees don’t click and clack like a tutting old woman. My 3pm slump has disappeared and I’m able to stay focused and productive until it’s time for that well-earned glass of dry white (that remains firmly part of my healthy living regime!).

Fast forward to nearly a year after the first Pegasus Jewellery Vitality Bracelets were launched and I am not alone – there are so many fans of this wonderful product who credit it with combatting the symptoms of arthritis, boosting their energy levels, helping lift their mood and so much more. What’s even better is that there is now an entire collection of beautiful Vitality bracelets, with straps crafted from silicone, braided leather, sleek metal and a leather version with Pegasus’ iconic snaffle detailing. They’ve even launched a range of Vitality rings, with the super powerful magnet Nyeodimum and the element Germanium encased in beautiful rings giving fans another way to wear the ‘little band of miracle’. So, the only question remaining is – have you got yours yet?

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