They say Britain is a nation of dog lovers, and with a whopping 25% of the population owning a dog and 8.9 million pet dogs in the UK that certainly seems to be true. And, just think how many more people would love a pup of their own but can’t due to work or living restrictions? In short, there are an awful lot of darling doggies out there and, hopefully, that in turn means a lot of devoted owners looking after them! 

There is more recognition now than ever of the importance of a good balanced diet for people, and our pets are no different. We want to make sure that they have the best chance of a long and healthy life whilst enjoying the tastiest food possible. There are some wonderful complete dog foods out there that are jam-packed with amazing ingredients for maximum health benefits (my little one adores her Fenton & Charles Hypoallergenic Chicken & Butternut Squash complete food!), but what about when it comes to treats?

We’re all guilty of slipping our pets a little bit of ‘human’ grub as a little show of affection every now and then, and I bet most dog owners have a cupboard with a tin of chews or biscuits to give their four-legged friend. Both of these sources of treats might not be as perfectly balanced as your pet’s main diet and what’s worse, you may even feed them harmful foods without knowing it – we all know about chocolate, but did you know that raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts and onions, garlic and chives can all cause them to get poorly?

Step up aforementioned pet food company Fenton & Charles, and their fabulous range of treats! As you would expect from a business who consult leading pet nutritionists for every last detail to ensure their food is as nourishing as possible, their range of treats have been given the same careful thought and planning as their complete foods. They are all 100% natural and 100% grain-free, and you can choose from a wide range including Roast Lamb Shoulder Strips, Roast Scottish Beef Pieces, Chicken, Potato and Turmeric Sausage, Venison Sausage and Natural Fish Skins. Nothing at all has been added to any of the treats, so you can be absolutely certain that what your dog is snaffling up will complement their carefully-balanced diet and keep their tail wagging.

My little Jack Russel-shaped tester of all things doggy food has given the venison sausages her stamp of approval, and I bet your dog will too! You can check out the whole range here: Happy pooch guaranteed!