I’ve shared on social media recently how much I’m looking forward to getting my darling horse Ollie going again after his winter holiday. The decision to give him time off was when life got very busy. It was all rather stressful in the run up to Christmas and I was anticipating another bad winter.

Luckily, my life started to get slightly less complicated and the weather hasn’t been even half as bad as it was last year! So Ollie is back, clipped and ready to go. Here’s hoping we see more of that wonderful sunshine again soon! Riding in the spring sunshine is some of the best therapy and relaxation out there! 

Time to get back in the saddle

Having to pause my riding for a few months and put my ambitions for Ollie temporarily on hold has made me very reflective. Its lead me to appreciate what a huge commitment our horses are. I have renewed respect for people who compete at a high level whilst working full time.

Horses really are the most extraordinary creatures to form a partnership with, but they can be such an all-encompassing hobby. The effort that goes into caring for them, kitting them out, training and competing makes it a true lifestyle choice. One that can soon soak up all of a person’s spare time and a lot of their disposable income (my husband agrees).   

Well-known equestrian brand Harry Hall recognise that their customers are a little different. Their fans live and breathe horses, dedicating their spare time to their four-legged friends. This realisation saw Harry Hall launch the innovative One Club. A membership designed to help make owning and riding horses a little easier on the bank account.

The Harry Hall One Club

 One of the biggest benefits of the Harry Hall One Club is up to 30% off the Harry Hall range (which isn’t just rider clothing, there are rugs, a tack collection and feed supplements too!) Exclusive sales and ticket offers, monthly competitions and, depending on the membership level chose, free delivery also feature. Their amazing insurance options include £10k personal injury insurance and £10m public liability insurance and are a huge bonus. Public liability insurance is so often overlooked by leisure riders.

It’s certainly something to consider, particularly if you have an escape artist equine. Or one who can be a little feisty whilst hacking out. It gives a wonderful peace of mind that you’re covered should they damage someone else’s property. Or indeed injure a member of the public. 

The 3 tiers of membership

Membership of the One Club is available in three tiers – bronze, gold single member and gold family. There’s even a really clear table that explains the membership options and what’s included here. The One Club puts the customer at the heart of everything that Harry Hall does to support their love of horses.

You can even find a fab gallery on the Harry Hall website for members to share images of them and their horse! I think that up to 30% off across the main range sounds like a pretty amazing saving! But One Club members also get an additional saving on clearance and sale items making them incredible value. You can see what I mean by clicking here. I have to warn you, however, that this may result in an immediate sign up to the Harry Hall One Club and some serious shopping.

Shop the full collection here: https://harryhall.com