I’ve been thinking lately – isn’t modern life full on?! There’s pressure to have a successful career, look perfect, smile, be available 24/7 and stay fit and healthy. There’s nothing wrong with aiming high, but it is so important to make sure we look after ourselves mentally. And take time out to reflect on things and initiate some self care. I know that sometimes life can seem to be moving so quickly that, even though I love every second of it, it feels a little bit exhausting.

Being on 24/7

WhatsApp messages from loved ones, friendship groups, hen parties and work contacts flood in all day long. While it is incredible to be able to instant message people rather than make endless phone calls, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up responding to messages when the real world is out there.

Social media has also transformed our lives – at one point I got all my new business from it – but there is a darker side to it. As human beings we naturally want to compare ourselves to others. And endless hours scrolling through immaculately curated versions of other people’s lives can make us feel inadequate. Then of course there is all that time we waste scrolling endlessly through Instagram. When we could be interacting with the people around us!

How to get some head space!

So, what to do? Well I know from experience that telling people to slow down and do less doesn’t always work. But I do advise making time for you. Think about what makes you happy and schedule in time for self-care. And every now and then, treat yourself! I love to reward myself for a good month or kick-ass piece of work with a little bit of sparkle from Pegasus Jewellery. There’s always something shiny and new from them on my wish list and it’s a true perk of the job to be a part of Team Pegasus, hearing about new products first.

A helpful little boost or some glittering gorgeousness?

Whether you want to give yourself a little physical boost to help you sleep better and have more energy for your busy life. Or, something truly indulgent and glittering, Pegasus has it all! The Vitality range of therapeutic magnetic jewellery includes bracelets, rings and earrings that all contain the combination of Germanium and neodymium to help you feel your best. There is a wide range of stunning equestrian-inspired jewellery to browse. Including the on-trend rose gold collection and with iconic horsey detailing such as snaffles, horseshoes and stirrups.

My personal favourite at the moment (and the Pegasus jewellery that’s firmly at the top of my wish list for when I next want to treat myself) are the Rose Gold Sparkle Equestrian Earrings… Take a look at them here: https://pegasusjewellery.net/collections/equestrian-horseshoe-earrings/products/rose-sparkle-equestrian-earrings Whatever you choose to do to pat yourself on the back after a particularly tough or successful week, make sure you take the time out to do something. After all, you need to look out for number one. To ensure you can keep on smashing life week after week!