My life is just flying by at the moment! There are so many exciting things just on the horizon, plans to put into place and projects to crack on with. However, I always make sure I take the time out to take stock of where I am, remember how lucky I am and keep focusing on my goals. I work with lots of business people and make sure I adhere to the very same advice I give them – think about what you are grateful about every single day. Today, I’m thinking about business journeys and equestrian gifts… 

Reasons to be grateful

The one thing that I love more than anything else about my job is working with people who have the drive to succeed. They might need help crafting and pushing messages out to their audience. It could be they just need coaching to help them set and stick to goals but every single person I work with has one thing in common. They’ve come to me because getting their business out there and making sure it reaches its full potential is a top priority.

From having a tiny seed of a new idea while they were riding or walking their dog to taking it all the way through to launching it out into the big wide world. Starting your own business is the best fun in the world but it can be a rollercoaster. It’s then my job, regardless if we’re talking about marketing, PR, coaching or mindset, to get under the skin of what they do. That part is so much fun! When I speak to a business owner who has come up with an idea that’s totally different and is perfect for this moment in time, I get so excited.

Gifts of brushes from Hooves & Love

Hooves & Love’s amazing journey

Hooves & Love is a wonderful business that fills a gap in the market, and it does it so well. The brand’s founder Emma loves everything equestrian, and she’s also crazy about buying gifts for other people. Combine those two passions with an era when personalisation is front and centre of consumer behaviour, and the result is Hooves & Love. Hooves & Love is an online equestrian and country inspired gift website and it’s truly a treasure trove of amazing things!

Emma has personally researched, tested and gathered the very best British gifts and accessories and curated them into a range of gift boxes. There’s something for every budget, age and style – all you need to have is a passion for horses or countryside style! My personal favourite (and don’t you dare say I have expensive taste!) is the Grand Prix Gift Box. It contains a Frank and Grace clutch bag, Evemy & Evemy silk scarf and a Hiho Silver snaffle bracelet. There are multiple colour and style options for each item so you can personalise it to the recipient. They arrive perfectly wrapped in the stunning Hooves & Love-branded box with a handwritten gift card. Now wouldn’t you just be over the moon to receive that?

It’s been fabulous to be a part of this journey with Emma and watch her take Hooves & Love so far in such a short time. I know she isn’t resting on her laurels though. Emma’s drive and determination mean that she has grand plans for the future – make sure you watch this space! In the meantime, why not give Emma a follow on social media or take a look through the Hooves & Love website? Mothering Sunday is not far away, so it could just help you find the perfect equestrian gifts!