The news this week came as a bit of a shock as Facebook announces trialling a different angle within their news feed.

The changes will mean that you will only see posts from your friends and pages that have paid for that content to be there. So, the small/medium businesses that you love and regularly follow, interact with and comment on, who can’t justify or afford to spend money on promoting their every post, will disappear from your news feed. They’ll be placed in a secondary feed called ‘Explore Feed’, a system that is currently being trialled in Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Bolivia, Guatemala and Cambodia.

While still in the early days, the results are already rather depressing for business owners in these countries, with some experiencing just a quarter of the likes, comments and shares they used to get.

So how do you get about this?

If you don’t have the budget, nor are willing to promote your posts on Facebook, then all is not quite lost. If you wish to encourage comments, likes and shares then joining a social pod is a relatively easy, free way in which to do so. The group is often hosted on WhatsApp and contains between 10 and 20 business owners. Within the group you can share your posts, asking for comments, likes and shares, but just be sure you do offer the other business owners the encouragement and engagement that you ask for.

Alternatively, ask your friends to visit your post. If you’ve just uploaded a post with a link to the blog, ask a small group of your friends to like it, or leave a comment. Don’t necessarily ask the same friends every time, but don’t be shy either. It’s a fine line between asking for support and being annoying!

Facebook has long been the ‘go to’ platform for businesses, before they even try other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook-owned Instagram. The future of the platform for businesses is certainly going to be an interesting one and one I will continue to report on as news evolves. Would this put you off setting up a business page? I’m interested to know your thoughts.

If you do need any social media support, coaching or assistance, please do get in touch to discuss further. I’d also be keen to explore setting up pods for groups of you if you were interested in that option.

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