Fresh-faced beauty with no fuss – it’s the secret formula every country girl wants. Thanks to new luxury skincare company Barker & Sloane, it’s now achievable due to their new web launch.

Conflicting lifestyles and unhappy skin

It’s no secret that I live a brilliant if slightly conflicted blend of different lifestyles! I enjoy running my international PR and coaching business and the glamour (a little trip to LA, anyone?!) that comes with that. But I’m also a farmer’s wife. I love nothing more than stepping out the front door to be met with the most beautiful Cotswold countryside. Or heading to the fields to check the cows with my husband Simon and our terrier Kiwi. I also ride my darling horse Ollie as much as possible. And enjoy clay shooting or days out at point-to-points.

All this means that I know exactly what an outdoorsy lifestyle can do to my skin. I’ve done the long hours in the shooting field in the middle of January. As well as having come back from summer rides soaked to the skin. I also very vividly remember the ‘Beast from the East’! Ensuring our cattle were fed and watered while battling snowdrifts really wasn’t easy. Dry skin, windburn and, at worst, downright ruddy pink cheeks – I’ve had it all.

Introducing Barker & Sloane

But luckily for me, and all the other women who want to embrace time spent in the elements without sacrificing their skin, there is another way. New luxury skincare brand Barker & Sloane have arrived with a trio of products that care for skin that is exposed to all elements.

Last week saw the launch of Barker & Sloane’s first ever website! And the beginning of an exciting journey that I know will lead to them becoming a much-loved brand for country girls across the UK.

The all-important product details!

The launch products are grouped into the Barker & Sloane Kit for Skin which includes their Daily Defender, soothing 12 Bore Boost Mist and the Overnight Recovery. The first protects your skin against the rigours of the outdoors. The second to calm and soothe the skin and the third to support skin recovery during the night. If I’m allowed to have a favourite, I have to say the 12 Bore Mist might just be it – it’s so soothing and you can pop it on over makeup too!

I was lucky enough to have a sample at the end of the Winter – it’s divine. Those days when you’re still in muddy jodhpurs at 6pm and need to be ready for a black-tie ball in one hour – this is the product that you need. All are designed and manufactured in the UK. Better still it contains only natural ingredients – no nasty chemicals, parabens or mineral oils here.  The active plant ingredients are botanical oils from British farms which is ace. Another way to support our farmers!

So, what are you waiting for – go take a look at the website! It’s never too late to start looking after your skin and as Barker & Sloane’s founder Claire Barker says – ‘invest wisely in your skin, it’s going to represent you for a lifetime’!

Visit the Barker & Stone new website following the web launch here.