I know how tricky it can be tricky juggling work, life and horses. Too much focus on work and you can feel guilty for not riding or seeing your horse enough. Then too much focus on horses and you worry you will fail at your career end up living in a spare stable and eating hay as well! I caught up with Emma, Founder of Hooves & Love, to hear how she made her passion possible. 

Family and loved ones have to be so understanding of our passions for all thing equestrian. The knock-on effect it has on their lives need also be considered. Obviously, this includes finding bandages and numnahs shedding hair in the washing machine! 

Now there are some people who manage to strike the perfect balance. I have to admit that am in awe of them! Perhaps they are, rather like a swan, actually paddling like mad underneath the surface. They seem to spend just enough time working, riding and at home to keep everyone happy. 

So, what about killing two birds with one stone and making that passion for horses into a career in itself?

Of course, there are so many amazing people working in yards up and down the UK who do exactly that. Working tirelessly, every day in rain, sun, snow and wind. Without them, riding schools, training and competition yards wouldn’t be able to function. We also wouldn’t have the amazing spectacle of high level competition like Badminton, the Grand National or the chance for non-horsey children to learn to ride.  

But what are the options if you want to carve out a career with horses, but not work in a yard?

Turning a passion into a business

Hooves & Love founder Emma has started a business that allows her to indulge her passion for all things equestrian. She says she still shouts ‘HORSES!’ when she sees horses and ponies from her car (she’s not the only one right?!) She can utilise her self-confessed undying love of shopping with her thriving business!

Before having her family, Emma was a qualified project manager jetting around the world to ensure IT projects were running as they should. Now she has built an entire business based on sourcing beautiful equestrian-themed gifts.

The focus with Hooves & Love is on presentation and quality. Emma only ever selects products that you can’t find on the high street and that she would happily wear or use herself. All the products are tried and tested, and the Hooves & Love gift boxes are finished by hand in beautiful branded packaging.

A lot of time and effort goes into sourcing new goodies to go into the gift boxes. Hooves & Love customers know that they are giving their friends or loved ones something truly special.  

And what about those aforementioned family and horsey needs that Emma will need to balance alongside running her business? Emma has 2 young children and 3 step daughters to look after, which is more than enough to keep anyone busy on their own! She also has 3 horses, two of whom are in work, and competes at affiliated dressage. Now that is a balancing act worth applauding – what an amazing lady! Have a little browse of the Hooves & Love range right here: https://hoovesandlove.co.uk