After a lovely little heatwave at the very end of August (and coinciding with a bank holiday, how lucky is that?!) it really does feel as though Autumn has arrived. Dusk seems to be so early now. And a coat is most definitely needed when I head to the yard in the mornings to sort out Ollie. I do adore summer and the warmth. But there’s something fun about the chance to dig autumn and winter clothes and accessories out of the wardrobe.

I know some very regimented types who pretty much have two entire wardrobes for summer and winter. With just a few ‘transitional’ pieces that carry them through the unpredictable spring and autumn weeks. Now I’m not that organised but I do have some favourite clothing and accessories that are very much hot or cold weather pieces. My much-loved Fairfax and Favor boots, fur-trimmed scarves and cosy sweaters are all poised and ready for frosty morning meetings.


Even my choice of jewellery is quite seasonal. I just adore rose gold and am so very pleased it seems to be sticking around as a fashionable colour. But it I have to admit it does look its best on skin with a summer glow. I do prefer to rock sleek silver jewellery when the weather is cooler. It somehow works better with the stark blues and greys of winter and my skin tone when the tan fades for another year. Of course, for some people wearing rich gold jewellery in midwinter adds a lustre and warmth to their outfits. And gold seems Christmassy! Is it too early for that word?!

This year Pegasus Jewellery are unveiling a very special new piece of jewellery. Especially for an important event that we mark in autumn and early winter. Every year on the 11th November (and during the time leading up to that date) red poppies start appearing on people’s lapels. They are worn as a symbol of remembrance for those who fought and helped in wars. And are more often than not the poppies sold by the British Legion to raise money for veterans. But what do you know about purple poppies though? You may have seen posts on Facebook where people highlight the loss of service animals during war, but you may not know that purple poppies can be worn to more formally remember those animals.



The Pegasus purple poppy pin has been designed in collaboration with Scottish artist Val Macadam. It is a gorgeous enamel design with glitter detailing. There’s no doubt that this will be a piece of jewellery that lots of horse lovers will wear with pride every autumn and early winter for many years to come.

Pegasus are even helping animals in need in the UK right now with the launch of their poppy pin. £5.00 from the sale of every single purple poppy pin will go to the Racehorse Sanctuary. To help them carry on their vital work retraining and rehoming ex racehorses.

So, although it might be a piece of jewellery that I will only wear for a few months each year, the Purple Poppy Pin is certainly something I will treasure. It will be meaningful every autumn when I wear it again. And it will help more beautiful racehorses find a new life after their career on the track is over.

So if you struggle to read about the horses and mules who helped soldiers on the front line. Or weep during War Horse or are amazed by the efforts of sniffer and search dogs working in front line combat today. Why not show recognition by checking out Pegasus’ purple poppy.

It is now available for pre order here