Pegasus Jewellery has been flying! Launching new collections, working with amazing riders and with trade stand plans for later in the year. I caught up with Founder and Director, Kim, to find out about the stunning rose gold and sparkle-inspired new collection.

What is the inspiration behind your new sparkle and rose gold Spring/Summer 19 collection?

When I design a new collection I look carefully into what has been selling really well. Most of our bestsellers from the Autumn/ Winter Collection are either rose gold or sparkly, so I focused on that for the new collection. I love designing jewellery that I want to wear and adore Rose Gold just now. 

What does the design and manufacture process look like for you?

Well, I would love to tell you it was an incredibly efficient and organized activity! However when you run your own business and juggle a busy family life its finding time. My initial ideas are on scraps of paper and jotters based on things I see or am inspired by. For example, it was being at BETA earlier on in the year and seeing seeing a beautiful pair of Acavello Rose Gold Stirrups that inspired me to design the new Rose Stirrup studs. The rest of the process is all computer based. I make CAD designs that I send to my factory design team and they send me a 3D print version in green plastic! This gives me an idea of size, shape, practicability etc. Once I’m happy with that we go into production.

What goes on behind the scenes when designing a new piece? Do you often encounter problems during the design or manufacturing process?

When Im designing a new collection I’m in the zone. I’m inspired by everything. I research lots of other designers and new manufacturing techniques. The biggest challenge with any plated product is getting the thickness and colour right. I like my rose gold to be more pinky than reddy/copper so the hardest challenge of this collection was getting the colour of plating right.

How do you get inspiration for a new piece of collection?

Everything inspires me. Everything from my tack room and nature to magazines showcasing new fashion trends which I then put an equestrian twist on. I must drive my husband mad as I often wake up in the middle of the night with an amazing idea which I have to sketch out! 

What’s your favourite piece of the SS19 collection?

Without a doubt the Rose Gold Pearl earrings. The silver version was one of my very first Pegasus pieces I designed and I din’t think I could possibly make them more beautiful until we produced a rose version!

What else can we expect from Pegasus this year?

The one thing about Pegasus is you never know! We are full of surprises. However going by the popularity of the Rose Gold Vitality, I am hoping to launch a hot pink version.

Do you think there will be another trend as popular as rose gold?

Rose Gold is just so classy. It’s vintage but modern and looks amazing with all skin tones because it’s so warm. Jewellery is very dainty in the fashion world right now and I wonder if we are going to see much chunkier jewellery coming back into fashion.
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